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Hi, Colts Nation.   :)  Our 5-6 Indianapolis Colts will try to even their regular season record to 6-6, as they are in the New Jersey Meadowlands to play the 3-8  New York Jets, as both teams conclude Week 13 regular season action, for ESPN's Monday Night Football.  Colts are playing  after their mini-bye week, after their devasting and disappointing , 28-7 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers at LOS back on Thanksgiving Night.  


Andrew Luck reportedly is cleared and active to lead the Colts offense on Monday Night, as he returns to live game action on the playing field after his recovery from his concussion protocol. Meanwhile, N.Y. Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick makes his ninth career start against Indianapolis, with a 2 win, 6 loss record entering tonight.


Indianapolis is playing their 39th all-time Monday Night Football game in franchise history, with a record of 21 wins and 17 losses, at .553,  since their  Monday Night debut  with the absorbance of the AFL-NFL merger back in 1970.  Carolina Panthers defeated Indianapolis 29-26, in the Colts last Monday Night Football game, played in heavy rains at the Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, back on November 2, 2015.


New York Jets are also playing in their 46th all-time Monday Night Football game tonight, entering with their record of 19 wins and 24 losses at .413.  N.Y. Jets defeated out Colts on their last appearance on MNF by the score of 20-7, back on September 21, 2015.


Indianapolis tries to end their current three-game regular season losing streak to  the New York Jets, being outscored 72 points to 32 points in those games.  Colts are also trying to win their first road game over the New York Jets for the first time in 10 years, and also seek to win their first road game over the N.Y. Jets in their second attempt.


Colts though lead the New York Jets in the all-time series, including 68 regular season, and 4 postseason games, with their record of  41 wins and 38 losses entering tonight.  This  series began when the New York Jets upset the Baltimore Colts 16-7 in Super Bowl III, and was famous, or infamous, when Broadway Joe Namath 'guaranteed'  a victory prior, and wagged his finger as Namath  walked back to the locker room.


New York Jets upset  the Colts in both teams  recent  regular season meeting by the score of 20-7, and played at LOS (the building) during Monday Night Football back on September 12, 2015.


Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden are announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Lisa Salters, for  ESPN's Monday Night Football, simulcast live over-the-air locally in Indianapolis on WRTV ABC Channel 6 'The Indy Channel, ' and Internationally on ESPN's Family Of Networks, live on HD.


Bob Lamey, our "Voice Of The Colts,'and  former Wisconsin Badger, Colts, and N.Y. Giants QB Jim Sorgii are also announcing the live TV game commentary, along with sideline reporter and interviewer Matt Taylor, simulcast on Colts Flagship Station WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM and WLHK 'The Hank' Country 97.1FM, and  in the Tri-States onthe Colts Radio Network.


Clear skies at 42 degrees, feels like 41 degrees, is the local game forecast inside MetLife Stadium, for the 8:30PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 5% precipitation, 66% humidity, and very mild west/northwest winds at 6 miles per hour.


Colts are wearing the white helmets, jerseys, and pants with blue trim, while the host New York Jets are wearing their white helmets, and green jerseys and pants with white trim.


NFL players throughout this weekend were allowed to wear designed NIke cleats, to reflect their personal commitment, their charitable causes, as they wear thir cleats in game action.


NO injuries, win your sixth game of your 2016 NFL regular season, Stay Colts Strong, and LET'S GO COLTS!!!!!   :coltslogo:    :1colts:    :colts:   :coltshelmet:    :coltslogo:     :rock:





Colts @ New York Jets Live NFL Gamecenters:








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Would it have been dumb to rest Luck, assuming the team was up to play a football game unlike last week? Scott was the 1 guy who was ready and he played well. They would have won the game with Luck but didn't exactly lose it because there was no Luck. That would protect the team from any drama that would normally come with sitting the quarterback and Luck would be in 1 piece next week.

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1 hour ago, kornstar said:

I wonder if other fan bases want to rest their franchise QB as much as our fans seem to want to?


Well what we want is an OL that keeps our franchise QB from getting injured internal organs but resting him during a winnable late season game might happen faster. He'd still be suited up just in case. 

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If Bowles is fired after this season, as some Jets fans want, do people like him as a DC candidate for Indy?  The Jets had a good defense last year, but they haven't performed that well this year despite a lot of talent.  Was his success in Arizona due to the talent instead of his coaching?

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    • They let him go because they paid Chris Jones instead. They also have Trent McDuffie. Their scouting department has proven they can draft corners. They have won 3 SBs with Mahomes (and made 4), I'm pretty sure they can trade a player away instead of paying him from time to time. Veach has earned that trust among the fanbase.    If I were a Chiefs fan, I would be extremely happy right now. Best QB in the league. won 3 SBs and made 4 with Mahomes. A great GM that builds through the draft and FA. An elite defense.    Those numbers were average for Mahomes standards yes. Normally he's much better than that. If we had those numbers on the Colts, we'd probably make the playoffs every year. We don't though. That's Ballard's fault since Luck's retirement. You and a lot of others take for granted that a new GM usually doesn't have an elite QB to start his tenure. Ballard did, that was a luxury. He had a large head thinking all he had to do was build through the draft around Andrew Luck. When Luck retired, Ballard was exposed. He didn't even know the proper way to get a QB. He was trying to do it through FA and trades when the vast majority of the time teams develop their franchise QBs through the draft.    Ballard built through the draft, except for the QB. How ironic is that?    8 years in, we are still hoping we hit on the QB. Maybe AR is the guy, as the division is harder, as the AFC has numerous elite QBs, as the NFL passes us by. "If we had average QB play like that these last 7 years". Where has the standards gone of being a fan? We should be regularly making the playoffs and competing for a SB 8 years in Ballards tenure. Instead, we are hoping the QB hits still at this point and we can fix the secondary on the team.    Give me a break. This team is run by a scout that's a wannabe GM who stubbornly refuses to change his ways. The only reason we're mediocre is because he's actually good at scouting. Unfortunately, as a GM, he has no idea how to compete with 31 other GMs who are actually qualified to be GMs.     
    • Interesting:   San Antonio Chiefs Portland Chiefs Louisville Chiefs Oklahoma City Chiefs or Tulsa Chiefs Omaha Chiefs   There are several options out there.   It would be more interesting if there was a movement to change the name of the team during the move.    
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