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13 minutes ago, Jules said:


It's always fun to beat up on a team from New York to me.


Oh yeah, definitely.  I'm not saying don't enjoy it.  It's a good win and a win that the Colts needed.  They finally came out and just put a beat down on a team that they should be able to beat.  That hasn't happened since..........I legitimately can't remember.  Definitely enjoy the win.  I'm just saying that I wouldn't get too high on it looking forward because the Jets are a train wreck right now.  If you look at it objectively, the Colts really didn't play that well tonight.  The Jets are just that bad.  They didn't even show up until 8 minutes into the game.  The first two TDs came off of throws that were so poorly covered that you couldn't even see a defender on the TV screen.  The receivers literally walked it into the end zone.  The defense missed a couple opportunities for turnovers.  Luck got hit all night after the first two drives.  The defense was consistently getting beat on deep routes after Petty came in.  Fortunately, the Jets gave them so many opportunities that it didn't matter.  Enjoy the win.  Enjoy having our destiny in our own hands going down the stretch.  Just don't read too much into this win looking down the stretch at the end of the season.

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It's official!  Colts win a blowout much better than I expected on Monday Night Football tonight 41-10! No guarantees each and every game, but wish convincing games with big leads become more often, and such blowout games can be more fun for the Colts players and their fans. I think the Colts made a statement to  themselves with a healthy Andrew Luck back on the field tonight and this week.

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