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  1. Don't mind the low risk signing. Jags have spent the most or second most in free agency the last four years. Could be going for five straight.
  2. I thought from one of the angles it looked like Parry recovered it. But then a Texans player came out of the pile with the ball. Colts can't jump on a fumble to save their lives.
  3. And AC didn't touch anyone on that play! This staff loves out-smarting themselves!
  4. Lost all respect for him and Dorsett when they threw Luck under the bus earlier in the year when asked why they drop so many balls!
  5. Moncrief has been a disappointment this year. Injuries, drops, and plays like he's 5'10! Need someone to light a fire under this guy.
  6. That 6 point swing before halftime was a gut punch and still had many opportunities to win that game in the second half.
  7. I am all about continuity and not becoming the Browns by firing everyone every year, but Irsay has to make a change when the Texans win the division two years in a row with trash qb play!
  8. Luck got hit low earlier in the game and wasn't called! It's not only Cam who doesn't get those calls.
  9. How many times do we need to see Lamar Miller drinking water on the sideline?!
  10. I still can't get over the end of the game week 1 when Pags was generous enough to give the Lions 4 timeouts!
  11. Ugly end of the first half and all the second half. A wins a win. Even more important winning a division game.
  12. Wouldn't have been in the position to draft Manning or Luck most likely. Butterfly effect. I don't like thinking about it.
  13. Effort, execution and lack of accountability from the top down is embarrassing.
  14. Born and raised in the Hooiser state since 1987. I can't remember a time when I wasn't a Colts fan. Jim Harbaugh was my hero when I was in first grade. Had his poster on my wall that said "Comeback Kid". Growing up watching all those great teams through the years, Peyton breaking records, bringing Indy the cities first Superbowl, going from Manning to Luck. So many great memories. This franchise is so special to me and so ingrained into my soul, that most people think I'm crazy.
  15. 64% of the NFL's roster last year were drafted in the fourth round or later. Theses are the picks where we gather "foot soldiers" that have potential to be gems.
  16. I hope he noticed how well the Panthers o-line played and how Cam had all day to throw. Please protect the franchise!
  17. What's up with Grigson pounding on that table when he talks like Dwight from the office?!
  18. I like hearing Jim say we have to get younger. No more 30+ free agent signings.
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