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    • you’re correct, and I honestly don’t know why that’s the case lol.   i even remember the chiefs game and was thinking to myself how he may be our guy at FS.  He even had 4 picks in ‘22.   im definitely not going to go back and watch any film on him so I’ll write it off as me having blue colored shades on due to a 7th round rookie having some bright moments lol
    • FWIW:   The consensus around here is that Thomas had a nice rookie year for a 7th round pick out of the Ivy League.   But then he suffered through a very disappointing second season.      But for that crowd, here is a head scratcher from PFF.   Thomas’s grades are almost identical.  His second season might even be fractionally higher.  
    • I’m sorry, I agree with @Hoose on this one.  FS is a glaring weak spot for us right now.  Thomas regressed a lot last year.  Cross, he’s ok but I’m not sure if he’s the answer and I too would feel a lot better with Simmons back there.   I really don’t understand how our corners catch flak on here and the FSs get away clean lol.  Brents would grade out either ok or good when he played and Jones was getting recognition asking rookie corner.  Thomas was bad and cross would look solid and then would show us he’s not ready to be that safety blanket.  I will say, I do have some faith cross can be.  But Thomas, idk.  He was good first year, horrible last year.  
    • YOU are probably wrong regarding all of this.
    • Thomas was one of the few bright spots in 2022. I’m not sure why he regressed so much last year in both coverage and tackling.    Cross played good last year.  I’m not so sure he’s a FS though.  I always thought of him as more of a SS.  Having two safeties that can play both free and strong will help them disguise coverages though. Cross “Mossing” Pickens last year was impressive.  They traded up for him so they may feel now is the time for him or it never will be as a Colt.     I would feel better with Simmons or Diggs though.  I would also prefer a vet corner that pushes Baker off the 53. 
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