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Colts @ Titans Game Day Thread

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Welcome back, and thanks for joining online,  for the final NFL regular season Game Day  Colts Nation!  :)  Our AFC South Champions Indianapolis Colts have a chance to finish their regular season record at 11-5 for the third straight year, as the Colts are in Nashville, to play the 2-13 Tennessee Titans.


Colts defeated the Titans on the earlier meeting, winning 41-17 back on September 28. Indianapolis has also won the last 11 of the 12 regular season games over the Tennessee  dating back to  December 28, 2008.  Titans last time defeated our Colts was a 27-10 victory also at LP Field, back on October 30, 2011.


Indianapolis also has a six-game current winning streak heading into this afternoon's 41st all-time regular season meeting. Colts lead the all-time regular season series, including one post season game, leading 26 wins and 14 losses, a rivary that began when the Baltimore Colts defeated the Houston Oilers 24-20 at the Astrodome, right after the AFL-NFL Merger, back on October 11, 1970. Colts also  has also outscored the Titans in the previous 40 meetings 1009 points, to the Titans 766 points.


Hopefully Colts head coach Chuck Pagano allows his starters to both play, and keep a lead, before the starters rest for the upcoming playoffs starting next weekend.


Cloudy skies at 42 degrees, feels like 38 degrees, is the local game forecast inside Louisiana Pacific Field, for the 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 20% precipitation, and mild northern winds at 6 miles per hour.


Visiting Colts players are wearing their matching white jerseys and pants, while the host Titans are wearing their sky blue jerseys, and navy pants.


Philadelphia Phillies broadcaster Tom McCarthy, and former Rams and NFL defensive back Adam Archuleta, are announcing the live TV game commentary for the NFL On CBS, seen primarily in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana, including WISH-TV Channel 8 in Indianapolis, live on HD.


I also would like to thank everyone, especially the moderators and the registered users and online guests, for allowing me to start the Colts Game day threads on the Colts Online Fan Forum.  I am extremely grateful and privileged.


I also want to wish everyone here on the Colts Fan Forum continued Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year!  :party:   :disco:

NO further injuries, Stay Colts Strong, Happy New Year, and GO COLTS!!!!!  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :helmet:  :blueshoe:  :coltslogo:  :D


Colts @ Titans Pre Game Press Release On Adobe PDF Reader, Live NFL Game Centers, and NFL On CBS TV Distribution Map In Purple:










Colts @ Titans Pre Game Injury Reports:





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Let's do this !!!  Finish the season with a Win and get ready for the playoffs.  GOOOOOO Colts !!!

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Afternoon everyone.  Let's finish strong today and come home with the WIN.  GOOOO Colts !!!!!!

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Oh I thought they stopped them short??

Yeah, it looked like Landry hit him before the line of scrimmage, but I guess his forward momentum allowed him to fall in front of the first down line

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    • Adam V,   youll likely never see this, but thanks for all the wonder years and memories. If you are officially at the end of your career, you sir, are the GOAT!    Thank you!  
    • I some what agree, Fact is every team in the league face or have faced the exact same thing you said every season. So to me,thats not really the difference maker. What I do  believe what you said is we have a ton of cap space and the colts need to use it now, not in the next 5 years. Older fans like myself are dying every year and can not wait 5 years or longer. Get it done today,not tomorrow.I've a colts fan for 56 years now since I've been 8 years old and 2 only rings in all that time is totally unacceptable,for any team. Esp. considering we have Manning for what 13 of those years and only 1 ring. That really stinks.  
    • What a choke job by the Colts yesterday.  That zone defense was getting buzz sawed.  Walker, Ya-Sin and Quincy were popular targets.  Sickening.  Every time you see those guys or anyone really, give up a catch in coverage, they're a full step off coverage.  Felt like rarely you saw a contested catch.   Then the putrid offense in the 4th quarter... Just the epitome of inefficiency.  I felt like I was watching a Pagano run offense.  We could not run the ball for (Matt Foley voice) jack squat.  All day long.  Our best runs were scrambles and there was an outside zone I believe that netted 13 yards.  But pretty much other than that, nothing.  Especially up the middle.  Apparently that was a no fly zone.    It was nice to see Brissett throwing downfield.  Hope he does that more often, but dear lord the accuracy of practically all his throws except the TD to Pascal was awful.  Throwing behind guys, the long throws looked like the ball had a parachute on the descent.  Plus they were underthrown.  A better secondary would have picked at least two of them.    We looked lost out there a couple of times with the timeout call after we had already taken a timeout.  The play was just as befuddling.  It's a wonder we even put up points on the scoreboard despite the play.  The JB  pass to himself, Marcus Johnson was wide open, but Glowinsky looked like he tried to pass protect with his eyes closed.  I thought that was a bad call, but the OL has to give JB a fighting chance.  I don't care for any excuses about young OL, you are a paid professional and you are one of the better offensive lines in the league, you can't miss that badly when you are in a 4th-down-do-or-die situation.   What's the capital of Thailand?  Yeah, there were 53 guys doing that to themselves along with the coaching staff.
    • he can throw a hell of a ball if the WR is wide the hell open but so can 95% of the league
    • Watch him come back next season to kick one single time for the 600...   Seriously though, no player scored more points then him and there's no one even close. He's the best and the clutchest to ever kick a ball in the history of the universe. Maybe even better than Pelé, and this is a brazilian speaking.   Wish a happy life for the old, but still young man.
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