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  1. Run the ball, control the LoS, no turnovers. Basically the same formula to beat every over team in the league. It comes down to who executes better.
  2. Irsay should do nothing now, let's see how this all plays out. Let football people make football decisions.At the end of the season evaluate the whole organization top-to-bottom. Good owners should be seen but not heard.
  3. Some of you are just way too sensitive sometimes.
  4. wouldn't it be something if we hosted the AFCCG vs. Balt.
  5. That will be the strategy of every team we play until we prove we can stop it.
  6. Raiders meeting their Rooney rule obligations?
  7. It's been an amazing decade and a half for Colts fans!
  8. Let's coax Murray into a couple of fumbles. Go Colts!
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