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  1. Obviously nothing the NFL has done has curbed Bill and Bob's cheating. Something extreme needs to happen to them or this crap will keep happening.
  2. It does against a good offense in today's NFL. It just isn't a winning defense anymore.
  3. I need to add that I'm typically very critical of this team, but I have no idea how anyone can blame Ballard. He and Reich were dealt a terrible hand to start the season and the Colts have proven that they've done a pretty good job so far building an actual team.
  4. There's absolutely no way I can criticize a GM in the same season that his stud QB quit two weeks before the start of the season. The fact that they have 6 wins and have had a chance to win just about every game means he built a pretty good team.
  5. Exactly. There are some ballers on the defense. The refusal to stop blitzing cost us the game. Winston recognized the blitz every time and we got burned bad.
  6. The defense didn't give up 31 points first of all. Special teams created a 16 point swing (3 missed FG's with one blocked for a TD). It was their fault we lost. Brissett wasn't good, but he was only a small factor in us losing.
  7. I'd put him up there skills wise. But you're correct. Non-Colts fans won't put him there.
  8. I hate pinning wins and losses solely on QB's. "QB wins" is the dumbest stat in football. Football is a team game. Luck had some part in those losses, but the team around him performed far worse.
  9. Any season that you don't win a SB is a complete failure as far as I'm concerned. Nobody cares about 2nd place. This isn't a moral victory league. The Colts (or the NFL for that matter) really haven't been entertaining either
  10. Exactly my sentiments. Injuries happen. Can't predict that.
  11. I've been seeing some clips from the "All 22" and plenty of receivers were getting wide open. Some way downfield when we had good protection. Jacoby just didn't see it. That's alarming.
  12. This was my issue. The Colts deserved to lose, but the NFL is a joke. The refs are ridiculously terrible. I'm done watching. I'll follow the Colts on my score app, but this has become unwatchable and it isn't the Colts' fault.
  13. Do you really think that personal foul where Leonard pushed the ball carrier out of bounds was a legit penalty? You can't be serious.
  14. https://v.redd.it/r2cr673bijw31 Certainly don't hear a whistle until about a half second before Leonard is in there. And if the penalty was for the helmet to helmet, then these types of plays need to be reviewable too. His fasemask literally brushed the receiver's helmet. That was a gifted 3 points from the refs. Just one of many terrible flags that ultimately cost us the game. The Colts shouldn't have to play against the refs too.
  15. Idk. I've gotten closer every season. Used to watch just about every NFL game. Now I follow the Colts on my app and this forum. Idk how much longer I can even do that. There's gotta be plenty of others. I love the Colts, but the NFL just isn't entertaining anymore.
  16. The NFL is a bad product. It's time to stop buying.
  17. No NFL team plays perfect. The refs decide way to many games on phantom penalties. It's a problem.
  18. They can sometimes. But you absolutely cannot beat NFL refereeing. The teams are too close to overcome game changing, egregious penalties. The refs are terrible and the rules are terrible.
  19. I'm going to go ahead and blame officiating. We didn't play perfect either though.
  20. People are going to forget about the terrible refereeing because of that kick now. Double negative
  21. The refs have to be better. It's why we'll lose. We didn't play a perfect game, but the refs ruined the Colts chances. I know it's taboo to say that but it's true today. You cannot beat NFL refereeing.
  22. How anyone actually watches this garbage is beyond me. I've only been following along play by play on my phone. I think I'm done with the NFL
  23. Honestly I disagree. There have been some awful calls that have lead to points. There's no excuse for that.
  24. I'm loving these refs today. Just some high quality refereeing. This is why we watch. Best athletes on the field! Go Refs!
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