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  1. Fake fans do. I'll always root for the Colts. Hell, I'm even going to the game this weekend.
  2. I've never heard that. He was a pretty decent mobile QB a few years ago. Good signing.
  3. Way more needs to happen. We need other teams to win next week too. The season is all but over with HOU winning today.
  4. Same here, and I'd have thought Andrew won all 8 of those games too. Weird season.
  5. If Hass wants to play, let him freaking play. This could be it for him. He loves football. I love people who enjoy the sport as much or more than I do. Let the kid (old dude) play!!!
  6. This is fantastic. I know the season is pretty much over, but it's important to give back to the community! Nice job, boys! A lot of these guys come from tough places, but they usually don't forget their roots. Thank you for giving back! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!
  7. He was talking about the game last week. Not the season. IDK why it was taken out of context. http://espn.go.com/blog/indianapolis-colts/post/_/id/15258/colts-qb-matt-hasselbeck-on-his-beat-up-body-i-got-nothing-left "Today I got [have] nothing left."
  8. We were almost in FG range to tie. He fumbled which led to the game ender. He was a major contributor in that one play.
  9. He should for the simple fact he has been unable to build an offensive line. It's gotten 2 of our QB's injured, including our franchise QB. We also are still unable to create any holes to run the football. It's embarrassing.
  10. http://espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?page=tiebreakers http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/machine There's a ton of things that could happen, but I think strength of victory would do us in.
  11. Good lord. I Goofed. Idk then. I think I heard we have to win out and they have to lose out, but that could be wrong.
  12. The have the head to head. We have to win out. They have to lose out. This was the AFCS championship today. And we didn't show up.
  13. LOL. The Colts lost the game. The Texans looked bad too.
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