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  1. Not sure we can blame the defense against the Jags. Offense gave away pints and so did ST. Defense played OK when we weren't playing prevent.
  2. Well this compounded with all the other terrible decisions does make a difference. It was a dumb decision. I don't think it made a difference in this game, but it should be pointed out.
  3. I asked this in the gameday chat. Just another dumb decision. Pagano is lost. I love the guy, but he is terrible at analyzing situations.
  4. Of all the threads that the mods lock, they don't freaking lock this one?
  5. You guys seem to think Luck will play if his kidney isn't 100% healed. It's not really up to him or the organization. It's up to the doctors. Regardless, as bad as we are, we can beat Houston with a healthy Hasselbeck. I do not think we can win with CBJ though.
  6. Man, the Texans looked pretty bad too. Gonna be a "battle of the suck" dogfight. Unless Andrew is back and 100%. Then I think we might take it to them.
  7. I'm going to assume English isn't your first language.
  8. If you want the team to just give up on the season, I have a hard time believing you're a real fan. Actually that makes you not a fan.
  9. I've been calling for the end of screens since week one. For some reason they are so slow developing for the Colts and really telegraphed. Take those out.
  10. OK. I've officially turned it off. This is worse than last week.
  11. These wasted red zone trips will lose the game for us
  12. Least disciplined team in the freaking league.
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