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  1. that was a gutys call for the 2. i dont like it.
  2. sooo sloppy after the bye.
  3. how long does everyone think it is going to take for this trade to come to pass?
  4. A lot of people also thought jeff saturday was too small for the position.
  5. no toler will be the #2 guy. unless we pick up another cb in the next few day. and butler is a great nickel guys. from what we have seen last year when he was our #2 cb most of the time.
  6. great news. i really think he can be something in the nickel.
  7. i would like for them to take a chance on him, but only if he falls to late in the 4th.
  8. have there been any updates as to when he will decide?? whats taking him so long?
  9. hilton davis freeman allen ballard
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