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  1. I agree that the handling of Boom is confusing to me (unless I am missing something). I understand the injury from last season but if it was not for him in 2014 we would literally would have had nothing in the running game towards the end of the season. I thought he played great down that stretch from a guy who did not touch the ball at all early in the year.
  2. Refused a pay cut..... several commenters on PFT stated that his wife has become a distraction for the team as well. If a pro bowler is getting cut and most of the talk is about his wife's social media behavior/mental health that is an issue.
  3. It seems like ever since that tearful press conference after he signed his big money deal the guy could not stay on the field. When he was healthy the guy would wear out D's.
  4. You think WLW is going wild, you should be in the middle of it. Ever since the game ended it is all I have heard people around here talk about. A lot of people here get HEATED when discussing it as well. A lot of whining or boo hooing going on.
  5. Thanks for the link. I was listening to 700WLW and they were talking about it, that's what I was going off of. A lot of the guys on 700 were saying the scene down there was terrible on both sides. A lot of people called in saying they were at the game and were embarrassed when they saw trash being thrown on Big Ben as he was carted off.
  6. Just heard reports that a couple B-guls fans were arrested for punching several women in the face after the game and two other men were arrested after the game after picking fights with Steeler fans and then urinating on them while they lay bleeding. This is why I refused to ever step foot in that "Jungle."
  7. Not really a surprise. In years past they could use the excuse that Dalton can't win a playoff game. Ironically, this year they can use the excuse that Dalton was hurt.
  8. I actually would like to see the Viks win this game....for some reason I just think the Seahawks age gonna score some points soon.
  9. DIdn't know Big Ben was in the rap industry? How many albums does he have out?
  10. Living in Bun.guls Country, I was not surprised by any of what they (the fans) and the team did last night. I will leave it at that.
  11. Texans showing the nation exactly what they are.....garbage.
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