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7871030.jpgremember this guy?

what do you think him coming back and coaching our team?

I remember him well. The late 1970's Colts players loved this guy. He seemed to be a fairly good coach, but his conservative play calling in my opinion costs the Colts to lose that double overtime playoff game to Oakland. I think it was 1976 or 77. I really doubt if he would want to coach again, but who knows.
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Love Uncle Ted but we did that already and he's way too old now to coach the Colts for a 3rd time. (too bad) :(

I would say if we wanted to reprise his success then have someone go back and look at the tape of how when he took over he transformed the offense and the career of Lydell Mitchell by just letting Mitchell touch the ball over and over (pass and run) in a west coast style.....that's what we should do with Addai.

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Mr. Marchibroda, worst to first both times. He would still make a fantstic quarterbacks coach. He knows talent when he sees it. Bert Jones said his success in Baltimore as a qb was due to Ted and his coaching. Jim Harbaugh was washing up when Ted turned his career around in indy. Ted should have been able to retire as head coach of the Colts after a long career if it wasn't for the Irsay's firing him after turning the team around. Great example of consistency. Colts have been doing stupid crap for a long time!

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