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  1. Doyle, swoope, mo aly cox all slow underachiever's. they are blocking TE on extra points. They need another Dallas Clark type. cant block but can get open.
  2. the uniforms from the Bert Jones era were the best look.
  3. I think they should observe womans breast cancer year around with pink tops and white bottoms. Change the shoe logo to a high heel stilleto or FMP's.
  4. Now that the Colts have jumped into the free agent market, we probably will not see any live game action this year. EA sports is setting up to do the same thing nascar is doing right now. virtual games via remote play at team facilities. And the games will count! Vegas is on board and the advertisers are more than willing. What timing! The only alternative is watching last season again with new commercials. Just like Golf.
  5. this years season may not happen. what happens then?
  6. any qb outside of gordon is a stretch. This is a pretty sorry QB class. No need to draft qb's when you have Kelly coming along. They will use the picks on offensive and defensive lineman.
  7. Get Carr, Let Chad Kelly compete and learn . Hoyer should retire on his own. As for Riech trying to whisper Jacoby into playing better, it will not happen. Everyone has seen his best versus his worst. A blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut but he will not raise a family.
  8. Only thing Winston was good at was shoplifting crab legs. JB's only clame to fame was to slow down an offense.
  9. winning 9 or 10 games is not going to win the division or get you past the wild card round. If mediocre is ok, then why not suck next year and get a better batch of QB's to choose from in 2021.
  10. Get a competent signal caller, and the team could do well. Pressure up the middle has to happen for the defense to get to the next level. Of course if you can't stay healthy, then all is out the window. Good QB - top 5 defense - small injury list = superbowl run. People in Hell want ice water too. Do you realize how many things have to go right for everything to go good?
  11. the only luck the colts will have is bad luck. Once they get a really good defensive player he will go out and blow an acl in training camp. Its always something
  12. OK. I'm glad you see this much more clearly than the rest of the forum members. I really thought the front office used this forum for much of their information. Were we all wrong all these years? *, I am crushed. We had better stop throwing out suggestions or opinions or we might get fired. Thank you Captain Crazy obvious. For setting us all straight. ssshhht.
  13. THANK YOU! I would not waste a pick this year on a QB. It would be like having another JB or slightly better. Go this year with JB and the Colts could be in line to get the kid from Clemson.
  14. I wrote way back in week 8 or 9, that the Colts would not win another game in their division. The AFC south got better and better, the Colts did not. Injuries happen to all teams so you cannot use that for an excuse. The Jags, titans and Texans had decent QB production. Baltimore and the Texans QB's were celebrated as the new generation of quarterbacks. But once again they have shown their inability to fully carry out the duties of being a successfull QB. Tannehill, Rodgers, Geropello and the Chiefs man are left standing. This is why I do not want Winston,Love,RG3,Prescott,ect ect being behind center for the colts. Much less #7.
  15. Well, after Jacoby's stellar performance all season long, the performance bar in Indy is set pretty low. I would have rather learned a bit about a man you have sitting on the bench during the last four games than needlessly play the pathetic fool that got you into this situation in the first place. Right this down. Kelly will be the starter week one. When this happens, you all will have to find a great big box so all of you can climb up on and kiss my ***.
  16. Colts either start Chad Kelly or Anthony Gordon or fans stay home to see what they do the following year. Get alot done at home on Sundays!
  17. Bert Jones was a better pure passer. there was nothing wrong with his accuracy. To Me he was better than Manning. Back then, 15 to 20 td passes was a great year. Today's rules make defensive backs mind there manners. Unless of course your playing New England, they hold on every play and get caught 30% of the time. Bert Jones today would easily hit the 30 td mark pretty consistantly.
  18. I'm not so sure about that. Why did the Colts blow smoke about Vinny being their kicker, let him continue his down slide until they put him on IR and claim he is injured? Why not cut him for a better option early on.
  19. Reich was a career back up and played extremely well when he had to start. He is one of the guys and would never say anything bad about any player in the league much less on this roster. I think he is full aware of Brisset's short comings (which are numerous to say the least), and would want a much better option. Coaches that have GM power would not have been saddled with this situation. I think between Ballard and Irsay, most of the player decisions are made thru them. I'm not to say they are bad decision makers, but their loyalty is getting in the way of moving forward in a positive way. Yeh, Luck may have been the fly in the ointment but, there are probably 20 QB's riding the bench and all are a better option. Hoyer better be an offensive guru, but he can't play. Him being on the roster is puzzling. Ballard's decision I believe. Kelly not getting any chance at all, another Ballard decision. I do like Ballard's draft prowess. A lot of rookies played a lot of games this year. Ballard needs to supply Reich with good players he and his staff can work with and they should be deciding who starts and who walks. If the Colts can't or won't improve the QB position over the next few weeks, then they will have to live with this, but we don't.
  20. you are spot on. I never did understand having your franchise QB running around and getting killed. none are built like running backs. Baltimore and texan's will see this play out olso.
  21. If you are car shopping, you get one you can see yourself driving and feel good about it long term. Even if Brissett threw for 500 yards and 5 tds, I would take the city bus and give up on driving completely. I would like to see Indy play good football sometime in the next 10 years, but the powers to be will make that decision.
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