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  1. Out of those two options, who will be the bigger* if Wentz takes a beating and all goes south?
  2. You know what. I read posters saying this is probably due to Wentz's injury history. Wentz would fair far more better with a good left tackle than a barely 6 foot qb from a running program that passing is an afterthought. Why waste a pick on this guy? Colts pick a safety that cannot cover man to man. Back up at best if he can stick on an NFL roster. Colts pick a receiver that is tall and fairly quick, but is a raw project. One OT they picked is projected to be a half decent back up with short arms and will struggle against NFL edge rushers. Their number one pick in the draft has one move
  3. I don't care for all the feel good "stories" with the tinkly piano music. We have all fought hard for what we got. Can He Play!
  4. Bert Jones not getting slammed onto the Arrowhead stadium floor. 15 to 16 years of him at QB would have either kept them in Baltimore or he would have been fun to watch in the hoosier dome.
  5. your right about that. Hines running off the right tackle in the double tight end package just doesn't work. He is not big enough to run through a phone booth.
  6. As strong as the running game could be you have to temper one's expectations. Every year we have a particular position that has plenty of depth. one year it was linebackers, the next was the offensive line so on and so on. Well, by the time training camp was over all the depth evaporated and the next man up becomes the popular catch phrase. Every year all teams have injuries. But the Colts seem to get it bad every year. Lets hope the Colts can field 80 percent of their starters 90 percent of the time. Sounds like a very tall order to Me.
  7. keep hooker. he is still young. he is a playmaker in the right scheme.
  8. Lets sign hooker and be done with it.
  9. why hasn't the free agent tracker up dated to show ty has been signed?
  10. Don't say your sorry for something you wrote when the intention was clear for everyone else that was reading it. Maybe some folks need to grow thicker skin and quit relishing being a victim.
  11. Lets hope some of the toni Linhardt magic rubs off on Carson. I know this is the wrong spelling, but I do believe the number is right.
  12. I thought this was a done deal two weeks ago?
  13. 1. Draft the best left tackle available. 2. resign rhoads. give him his last payday for god's sake. 3. resign TY, this will be his last payday. 4. let the rest walk or sign for incentive laiden 2 year deals. sign your own people and stay away from free agents as much as possible. youth is cheaper but need time to develope. You almost need a roster full of rookie contracts to make it anymore.
  14. Do you guys remember bringing in Jim Harbaugh? The man was ridiculed by Mike Ditka. He took a beating in Chicago. According to his coaches he was washed up and uncoachable. Along comes Ted Marchibroda. He did for harbaugh what he did for Jones. I believe the Colts are due for some great karma. Frank Reich will get under Wentz's helmet, get his confidents back and be better than ever. How many Qb's have you seen come down the pike that should have done better? There is a lot of talent coming out of college every year. Not so many great coaches to help them. I have a feeling Frank will wo
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