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  1. During last weeks loss, the team showed the ability to change the momentum of the game when it had too. They came up short as sometime you do. This week they ran into an angry Bengal team that is better than their record shows. The Colts showed they have plenty of gas in the tank. The offense got rolling and started scoring touchdowns instead of field goals. We may have just saw the turning point going from ok to a very good team. Right now the Colts look like a Harbaugh team with a defense that will be as good as the offense allows them to be. Its pretty exciting to watch. If the Colts scored
  2. He is wearing that number well! He is going to special in this league.
  3. Tell Me this. Kelly never got to play with the first stringers, it was against scrubs in the preseason. He can't be any good. now we have this Eason guy. he will just be another Jeff George, maybe? Maybe not. He has not even played in a live game and somehow the front office is exited and impressed. The same front office that gave brissett a bunch of money for absolutely no return.
  4. the act of typing a response on this "forum" is a reflection of one's opinion. In 10 plus years on this "thing" I have seen no proof to back up any comments from anyone on here ever. Nor will there ever be. Get a life. this is pure entertainment and nothing more.
  5. Maybe its time for a change in philosophy or thinking. player gets hurt, send him to centra care and cut them a settlement check. Move on. Frank gore was the only player I know of who blew out both knees and continued on with a good career.
  6. Its hard to get exited about players these days. They get hurt pretty regularly. Fountain won't last long.
  7. At the end of the year. Add up those pretty darn good performances. maybe 3 or 4?
  8. That the problem being a colts fan. Too much wondering thru the desert. About every 20 years or so the Colts get good enough to make a showing. When Harbough was in town, I met him and Marchibroda playing golf in ST. Augustine. They must have thought I was crazy with my enthusiasm. Harbaugh gave me a colts hat and they both sighned it! I had not seen a Colts hat since the 70's.
  9. Everyone got used to the colts out scoring teams and playing with a lead. Here we go. the colts defense was so bad, Hoyer looked like MVP material during practice!
  10. give the team a break. This is a f$$$** year for everyone.
  11. I really enjoy the folks who say "its only the first game, the fellas will do better, the sky is not falling". well, this will quickly turn into," we are 4 - 4. we can still make the playoffs at 8-8 if we can get healthy". Time fly's. Who are you going to beat at 8-8? The 8-8 Jaguars? I don't think so.....
  12. yeh. The Colts rarely beat either one of these guys with peyton at the helm? Think back to last year with JB.
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