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  1. Mr. Brissett is the Man! He is the best colt QB since Earl Morral. I have been hard on the boy. I feel much shame. He now gets my vote.
  2. Have the Colts figured out how to replace the Offensive and Defensive coordinators, the left tackle and the quarterback? Maybe between the equipment guy, the parking lot security man, quenton nelson and Brissett will have to step up.
  3. Do you all remember what players refer to as the day when their season ends and they clear out their lockers. "MOVING DAY"
  4. What is he going to do? Become Justin Houston's landscaper?
  5. winston likes to leave supermarkets without seeing the checkout girls.
  6. left tackle retires. so lets get a qb that can run for his life. Why not get a left handed qb? or better yet, when hilton retires, lets get a qb that can't throw the ball. Oh wait! They already have a back up one of those.
  7. I think the jaguars will cause this kid to be wanting to be traded by the third year.
  8. Why ,Why,Why, Why did the Colts give Brissett a whole year to get better? Why did the colts keep Brissett around to run short yardage plays with Eason not even suiting up? Are they waiting for Eason to grow up? Why did they draft him? Kelly most likely could have done as well as Rivers. Whats next, Rivers retires, the colts, not knowing what Eason can do, calls kelly to come to camp. Kelly reply's " you guys would not know a good qb if it bit you", and hangs up. Irsay sighns Brissett two another rediculous deal to do absolutely nothing. This all could have been solved three years ago.
  9. I would say Rivers is doing pretty good right now. Hell, he is in his 40's has a bad foot, and both tackles are out. Don't forget about what it was like to have Brissett under center full time. He was almost half river's age, had a great offensive line and running game. Blame the coaches for this loss. No adjustments on defense or offense. Hard to beat the refs if you get out coached. Two decent drives with short field goals would have finished them off. Why didn't Taylor and the other runners get more touches? I personally like Riech and the coaching staff up to a point. I woul
  10. Are you extending an invitation? Some folks take loosing hard. Why waste time watching or playing a game if you have no desire to win? This is all there is during Covid years. I can't stomach lifetime television or the FBI files. Then again, I can't stand to watch Colts football at the present time.
  11. John Elway at 25 years old would not have won today. With the offensive line like it was, the officials and a 30 minute defense.
  12. Colts are a 30 minute football team. Reasons why..... 1. only try to run the football one half or the other. You are demoralizing the defense in the first half. Second half, two 3 and outs on 6 straight passes, no runs. 2. The steelers make adjustments on offense, their receivers are open the rest of the game. Defense disappears with no pressure. 3. This is the part that really sucks and there is no cure for. The officials! They did what needed to be done to tighten up this game. There can be a call on every play of the game due to the physicality of the game. However, how can you help one te
  13. They had better plan on replacing costanza next season. I don't believe he will be back. Better draft a good one.
  14. AC is out, Smith is out. all this equals loss! How come the Raven's game was postponed several times due to covid but the Colts game must go on?
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