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  1. probably confused one of the the owner' s daughter's for the cleaning lady.
  2. James was a great "three down back". Never came off field. Taylor is fun to watch. They should run him more. Can you imagine being Frank Gore. blows out both knees early in career, and then goes on for 10 more years in several teams.
  3. For a change, I'm not too * off about the game. Colts just did not have enough healthy defenders in the secondary to finish what they started. The defense could not get off the field, the rush got tired. it all boils down to depth. Yes all teams have injuries. The Colts have decent starters, but they are backed up by practice squad players that are not starters and never will be. They are flush with running backs. The o-line played well considering they are banged up. Offensively the competed last night. Defensively they held up for three quarters.
  4. back the play up even farther. This was going on all game long between them.
  5. Say the Colts go 0-17. Will the Colts trade back several times to use all the extra picks in rounds 4-6? Or will they take another developmental player from the rugby leagues in Baswana.?
  6. After the first five seasons, the team was built to win 11 or better games a year for the next 10 years. Ballard's next 10 years most likely will never happen due to a lack of talent brought in which will facilitate his departure in the next 2 or 3 years.
  7. you should know bandwagon fans. you have seen the Colts suck more than most of the people on here. Its funny, the franchise is back to being what it was when it left Baltimore in the middle of the nite. No more Lucks or Mannings. Omg! the browns and the Bengals are better!!!
  8. Isn't it great to be a Colt fan!!!! Always predictable, faithful and behind in points. This group needs to stick to the entertaining of children at the hospital down town. Its a good thing the owner cares more about rock and roll and guitars than he does about fielding a good product on the gridiron.
  9. If the Colts had picked the best player available in the positions of most need over the last 4 years, the roster would look a lot different than this. The left tackle is indy's only rock star. He is the only athlete on this team that could start elsewhere. And now he is out for how long? Note: Titan's turn the ball over 3 times today and the Colts still lost. take those turnovers away and the Colts get blown out.
  10. Turn out the lights, the party is over.
  11. Colts are terrible at developing players. They draft them, talk glowingly about their abilities and deactivate them every other week. you can do this if you have great players in place. Jim Sorgi and Curtis painter come to mind. Colts have not the talent or the coaching to draft mid to lower talent athletes. Its a waste of time. The Colts had plenty of money to improve through free agency. This team is going by the way of the Bengals of years past. Draft early every year but make no progress. Colts have gotten e few good draft picks like Nelson, quite paye, but they can't be healthy and counted on to play every week. Nelson has been a rock up to now. But will this be a new trend?
  12. Don't matter the quality of any receiver. you can be slow as hell and have descent hands against the colts secondary and have all pro weekends. Any QB that has 6 seconds to throw will beat the best of any backfield. I was hoping for a better year or at least top last year. it will not happen. As long as they draft the third and forth best at the different position groups and always looking for a deal. I'm sure next years crop will have some hurt athletes that will come cheap. I'm sure its hard to find top notch athletes that are man of the year prospects. "Kick the stigma", how about get better players. By the way, let your QB's remain sidelined until the OL can prove they can play pro football. Jeezz.
  13. why was he picked with brown or metcaf available? I think they picked Art shlister because he was from Ohio state also.
  14. the only problem is, they are going to waste another season at the position. what they should do is cut him and fill his position with an able bodied reciever.
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