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  1. Rivers will struggle early, go to the injured reserve. Jb will flat out suck for 3 games. Eason will still be too green. In rides Kelly off the practice squad. He takes the Colts to the playoffs with 5 straight wins. River's comes back in for the playoffs, gets replaced by Kelly once a gain and comes very close to pulling it all off in the championship game. The following year, Jb named starter once again.
  2. Brissett. He will break out of the colts building and go home. Leaving the quarterbacks room to move forward with the best of competition and use the entire playbook. I think the coach will enjoy rivers,kelly and eason's competition. The season is long and hard. It may take all of them to get through.
  3. This was more of a statement than a thread. I can't believe he is still on the roster at this point. Maybe its part of the rooney rule? I saw the headline somewhere and had a weak moment. Should have read all the past Brisett threads first.
  4. maybe somebody will trade a seventh rounder for him.
  5. If the Colts had built an offensive line earlier. Luck would have probably have still been here. What if's...... I'm going to hunt down Grigson's loation and kick over his garbage cans every Friday morning.
  6. #32. Mike curtis played in 2 super bowls. won one and loss one. Same statistics as #18 has with the colts.
  7. really good free safety's are not tackling machines. Dion Sanders and Ed reed would rather push you out of bounds or prevent the reception. Hooker has had to play for some sorry teams. No pass rush, no offensive production. he has been here three years and he is only 24 years old. Even Ed reed would have looked below average if he had to be constantly making saving tackles 20 yards down field. The last time the Colts had good play out of the FS position was with the sack pack in the 70's, and for good reason.
  8. yeh, they got about 15 good games out of him.
  9. Indeee. Dont let most of the posters on this forum get down. To be honest with you, most are ignorant, stupid or plain and simple *s. They see a player making circus catches in practice and all of a sudden he is an NFL caliber reciever. Yet when a QB goes out and plays in a preseason game with third stringers on his own team, with very few reps, and still looks decent, why not take a look? Hey, most of these same people think JB is a starting QB. I think most of the same people are sadomasochist. They want to be punished and ridiculed.
  10. I thought Baltimore and Indianapolis Colts learned their lessons a while back with picking Ohio state QB's. They are not a qb school. Seattle and Kansas city have good Qb's. They are the exception, not the norm. Reading defenses, understanding the playbook and staying in the pocket are a tall order for most QB's. It is impossible for guys like Brisset, Haskins, Hopkins,Bridgwater, j'marcus russel, Love, Tua ect ect ect.
  11. Doyle, swoope, mo aly cox all slow underachiever's. they are blocking TE on extra points. They need another Dallas Clark type. cant block but can get open.
  12. the uniforms from the Bert Jones era were the best look.
  13. I think they should observe womans breast cancer year around with pink tops and white bottoms. Change the shoe logo to a high heel stilleto or FMP's.
  14. Now that the Colts have jumped into the free agent market, we probably will not see any live game action this year. EA sports is setting up to do the same thing nascar is doing right now. virtual games via remote play at team facilities. And the games will count! Vegas is on board and the advertisers are more than willing. What timing! The only alternative is watching last season again with new commercials. Just like Golf.
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