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  1. His last two years with greenbay, he and nobody else knew if he was done or not. Did not show up until late in camp during preseason. greenbay got tired of the back and forth, so they locked him out. He goes to New york when he decides to play again. I believe he got hurt midway though season. Told everyone who was listening he was done. got the itch again and went to the Vikings, played real well into the playoffs and got banged up pretty good. The end.
  2. Do you all remember DB Sanders. Everyone loved him. He only played 4 or 5 games a year. He never practiced. He was always hurt. Don't give me talent only goes so far. He was so good, he hurt himself making tackles. I bet Sanders was mentally tough olso. The packers and a few other clubs let Farve retire several times because he was better than what they had. Luck may or may not play again however, if he wants to, Brisset will swiftly go back to his former position with not a lot to say about it.
  3. I though you were talking about charlie Kirkhoffer.... ha ha
  4. You know, crow ain't bad with a lot of salt and ketchup. I have read this entire thread and have seen the error of my ways. I have always taken this game too seriously. Playing the game and watching your favorite team was on the same plane. I took last year off from getting involved or watching the sport to get a breather. Got really excited about this years prospects to only see Luck retire. I watched the kc game to see just how bad they were going to get beat. That attitude must be some kind of defense mechanism. You can't be hurt if you expect it I suppose. Instead of focusing on the results, I think I will spend some time on the mechanics of the game maybe from a coaches point of view. yeh, I would like to have Unitas, Jones, Harbuagh, Manning or Luck at qb. But people in Hell want icewater too.
  5. I have to admit some things. More like apologize. I have been very critical of this team as of late. Last nites game was a pleasure to watch. Both the lines did one incredable job. Everytime you turn around a new guy is contributing in a big way. With all the injuries I did not give them a chance at all. My wife talked me into watching then she went to bed. she woke up in the 4th quarter and said I told you so! The Mr. Houston play on 4th and one was a monster play. If they can play to this level more often, good things could be coming their way.
  6. chiefs 41 - colts 0 monday morning headlines: " Brissett not the reason for loss. He had a great day, 10 of 25 for 125 yards. He was responsible for 3 of the 7 first downs by running for 35 yards. no interceptions. Player of the week and game ball. All the players and coaches have confidence in their leader.
  7. If most of you had your way, you would have drafted RJ3. by the end of this year, everyone will be looking into the draft for another non defense reading athelete. I know its fasionable to have one of these type QB's, but it doesn't work out in the end. Russell Wilson is the only exception. The exception is...... He can read defenses.
  8. you folks need to look past your noses. do you think I want another qB because JB lost the game? No. I want another QB because he cannot win consistantly games like these. another byron Leftwich.
  9. I would rather suffer through the development of a young passer with a higher up side and future than go through 2 or 3 years of an ok QB that will give you 6-10 or 8-8 seasons and end up drafting mediocre players in the middle of the draft. If you wait until next year, Kelly will beat out JB in training camp. Kelly will have to go though the growing pains with the team next year. this could have been taken care of this year.
  10. Next Sunday nite, they should just play the second team offense and defense and rest up. There is no way this team could compete in this game with everyone healthy.
  11. where is the live game information and last play from Andrew Walker?
  12. JB is not a rookie. He has had plenty of time behind center. Could he be rusty from riding the pine all last year? He is a backup QB period. He will have moments of brilliance and times where you wonder whats up. A franchise QB has up and downs however, his consistency has to be at an elevated level. He has to have a short memory when it comes to bad plays. watch Cam newton. When things are not going his way, it gets under his skin and he suffers. He is another over rated QB in my opinion.
  13. lets just hold on to leftwich for a couple of years. It cost Del Rio his job.
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