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  1. Bert Jones. This guy was one of the best QB's of all time. He does not get the recognization he deserves.
  2. Manning will take them deep into the playoffs if he is healthy. I wish him luck. Personally I think this is the worst thing to happen to the Colts since they lost to the Jets in SB3. I don't care if Luck is next years QB or not,odds are he will not come close to being as good as Manning.
  3. Colts were stuck between a rock and a hard place in this situation. I hate this too,but that is probably the most rational thing the Colts and Manning could do.
  4. If this Redskin hit indeed was the start of this injury, it is ironic that the Redskins are rumored to be seeking him for QB.
  5. Let him go drop passes for someone else.
  6. Why change the uniforms and logo? Just for the sake of change. The NY yankees have the same uniforms they had 70 years ago. They have not changed because there is no reason for it. I do not but the Colts in that class but I think their uniforms and logo look good and are simple and classy. Sometimes teams change and wind up with something hideous looking.
  7. I rooted for the Colts long before Manning was born. I do not want to see him go but would wish him the best unless he was playing the Colts.
  8. Before this mess is over with Manning will be theoretically traded to every team in the NFL .
  9. You need to buy a raincoat.You sound like a typical fair weather fan.
  10. I do not really care for Caudwell,but in all fairness I wonder if any coach would have been successful with the players that the Colts fielded in 2011. Give him one more shot and if Colts start on like they started in 2011 dump him.
  11. More like a coincidence than "curse"'. Who really believes in curses?
  12. I got a feeling Manning's playing days are through. Bert Jones retired for about the same type of surgery. It was 30 years ago when Jones retired but I dont think he ever entertained ideas of coming back after his surgery.
  13. Who is gpoi I remember when the Colts traded Unitas to San Diego after being a Colt for at least 15 years. Seeing him in Sd's uniform was strange indeed.
  14. Jeff George was a number one draft pick I believe and his career was also not as good as expected. i don't remember him getting the hype that Luck does though.
  15. Tony is a true christian. Alot of people claim to be put he "walks the walk". It is not in him to be argumentative.
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