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  1. the names you are mentioning were still pocket pass 1st
  2. so you are saying that given the correct opportunity, Donald Brown is on the same level like James or Faulk? I don't see how you can even think this.
  3. Ok, so what is the probability that he smokes us next week? It seems like he gets half of his season rushing yards always against us. Year in and year out.
  4. you mean that Maurice Jones Drew has the potential to smoke us like a cheap cigar? yeah i can agree to that. We need to stop MJD!!
  5. I guess mistreated is a harsh term. Most fans don't look into what the front office does with the money etc. when we see star players released, that ticked us off. that's what I mean by mistreated
  6. incorrect...while yes Edge got a ton of carries...PM also had a ton of pass attempts....a stud back makes your passing game lights out!!! Brown won't have numbers like Edge even if he had 300 carries. Edge and Faulk were durable backs, Brown is not. Addai only was in his 1st two years, and this is when teams feared our pass so much that having little 80 rushing yard games for Addai is very average. Faulk and James also were much better catching the ball out of the backfield then Brown or Addai. Please Irsay do us a favor, get us a stud running back!!!
  7. yeah, what I was meaning to say is that those QB's I mentioned are not pure pocket passers. My bad.
  8. That was the 1st piece of evidence that he is on it's way to prove to many people that he will be The NEXT one! He is making the non-believers start to believe. I'm one of the people that wanted Peyton to stay. What Luck did today makes it easier to get over Peyton. What he did in the last 1/2 a minute was that evidence. The composure and the will to win at all costs. Many young QB's would have been content of just going to OT. That was great win!!!! GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. in order... 1. Mistreating of Peyton Manning 2. Mistreating of Marvin Harrison 3. Mistreating of Bob Sanders 4. Mistreating of Marshall Faulk 5. Mistreating of Edgerrin James 6. Letting go of a slew of talented players in 2012 (Garcon, Saturday, Clark, Addai etc.) there are many more mistreatment of players we did, but these are on the top of my list.
  10. Agree with everything here, except the Jim Caldwell thing. As far as I can remember he took us to SB. There was no guarantee that Dungy would have taken us to SB back to back.
  11. Freeney still a great player. We don't have and can't afford anyone better at this point. Freeney is the best we have at that spot.
  12. this right here is our 1st!!!! priority!!! remember when we drafted Peyton and the following year drafted James? This transformed our team. we need to do the same exact thing again. And I dont mean get average Joe RB's like Addai, I am talking about guys like Faulk and James, elite class RB that can create and have athletic ability to do great even with a horrific O-line. If you look at Faulk and James rushing stats your head will spin. This was all done with weak and pathetic O-lines thoroughout their tenures with Colts. It could be done mates.
  13. this style of QB never wins on the biggest stage. McNabb, Vick, Cam and now RG3, never had, never will win a SB. Run minded QB dont see SB success in this league. Elway and Young were scramblers, this is different.
  14. why is a WR dictating and politicking on another team's running game? where is the yellow flag?
  15. I agree this is long term process and I can't wait to see this team click in all aspects. The Redskins thing tho, don't forget they are very similar team to what they were last year, aside from RG3 and Garcon. It's not like RG3 inherited an incredible team. They are still on many aspects the weakest team in NFC east.
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