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  1. My completely uninformed prediction is Pagano will stay, Grigson will go and Jimmy Raye III will be promoted and take over as GM. Raye just attended the seminar for prospective GMs this last offseason and Pagano really seems like an Irsay guy more than Grigson to me. I think it's the only way Irsay can move the GM and keep someone who will give Pagano another chance. Of course, I don't know much.
  2. I'm hoping for James Cowser with one of these final picks.
  3. For me, Nick VanHoose, DB - Northwestern Joey Hunt, C - TCU Elandon Roberts, ILB - Houston Teddy Karras, OG - Illinois K.J. Maye, WR - Minnesota Trevon Stewart, FS - Houston Mehdi Abdesmad, DE - Boston College Jake Ruddock, QB - Michigan Rico Gathers, PF - Baylor Adam Fuehne, TE - Southern Illinois
  4. Keep Pagano, fire Grigson, give Jimmy Raye III the GM power and see how that goes. But that's just me.
  5. Honestly, if they want to fire Grigson and Chuck, you have Jimmy Raye III and Chud waiting in the wings. Chud could take either Chuck or Pep's role. Might as well give both an audition at a higher role.
  6. That's the thing, to me. Teams like to often keep high upside projects on the back end of the roster, but the Colts have that at 3 and 4 WR with Moncrief and Dorsett. Griff is the modest upside #5 with reliable hands and crafty enough route running.
  7. Don't tell us, we can't get them ready. Grigson hasn't listened to my emails since... well, he's never listened to my emails.
  8. Varga!? I love that guy! Wonder how they intend to use him - as a fullback or tailback. I think he has all the tools to play tailback, but his Senior Bowl work showed his willing and able to do anything. One of my favorite players in this draft and a guy I'm really pulling for.
  9. The Colts have a late first pick, and I think Gurley is valued right there, if not a little earlier. I love the player and would be thrilled to have a solid running mate for Gore who could eventually be a top guy in the league. I'm not against anyone that could be a really big contributor, and I think Gurley absolutely could.
  10. Round 1 - #29 A - Cameron Erving, C/OG - Florida State B - Arik Armstead, DE - Oregon C - Eddie Goldman, NT - Florida State Round 2 - #61 A - Xavier Cooper, DE - Washington State B - Josh Shaw, S - Southern California Round 3 - #93 A - Daryl Williams, RT - Oklahoma B - Javorius Allen, HB - Southern California Round 4 - #128 A - Tyler Varga, HB - Yale B - Bryce Hager, ILB - Baylor Round 5 - #165 A - Zach Hodges, OLB - Harvard B - Bobby Richardson, DE - Indiana Round 6a - #204 A - Adrian Amos, S - Penn State B - Jamarcus Nelson, RS - Alabama-Birmingham Round 6b - #206 A - Mark Weismna, FB - Iowa B - Tayo Fabuluje, OG - TCU Round 7a - #244 A - Josh Lambo, K - Texas A&M B - Bobby McCain, CB - Memphis Round 7b - #255 A - Hutson Mason, QB - Georgia B - Terry Williams, NT - East Carolina
  11. Moncrief and Johnson have similar body types and athletic abilities (well, when Johnson was younger). Johnson should be a great mentor for Moncrief. Not that he won't help others, but Moncrief has a great guy to try and emulate in front of him.
  12. Dan Moore is also there. He had a cup of coffee with Indy in the preseason a couple years ago.
  13. To the part I tried to highlight. He might have been an option to be our future NT, but I think you just ruined it by insulting him. He played his college football as an Oklahoma Sooner! Way to ruin our chances! is it mandatory to verify this is a joke? No? Alright. I'm dead serious then.
  14. If Johnson falls through, I'm all for Stevie. Stevie Johnson is a fine replacement for Wayne. He's a quality route runner with plus hands, which describes the elder Wayne before the injury. Is he going to play at as high a level as Wayne did? I doubt it, but he's certainly capable of it. I know everyone wants big and fast and physical, but I love quality route runners. Stevie Johnson is a quality route runner, and I think we need that in Indy. I think everyone needs to watch Stevie run routes. He's got such a unique way about route running that it is kind of a marvel to behold. That is apparently why he wasn't as productive with the 49ers, as Kaep apparently wasn't used to his route running. I think Luck might be a bit better about it.
  15. I was actually curious about this, because I wanted to believe it was more recent than I realized. It was not. 2007-2008 season with Joseph Addai.
  16. He's a bigger Darius Reynaud. That's not the worst thing to be, but I don't think he's going to have a substantially better career.
  17. Two Super Bowl rings. He was with the Seahawks last year.
  18. I always prefer to lose to the Super Bowl winner if we have to lose in the playoffs. Just feels worse to me to lose to the guys who lose to the guys who are the champions.
  19. CBS Sports has a nice draft section as well. They usually get a solid number of prospects up with decent write ups. They have a pretty fine selection right now of prospect profiles. Link to the page.
  20. Keep Manusky and have Pagano take over his playcalling duties if the D keeps going the way it often does.
  21. You'd have to suspend Belichick at this point. I just think you'd have to. You can't suspend Payton for bounties and then let a guy cheat twice and not take it to him. I get that one literally endangered people, but Belichick would be a repeat offender. But I digress. We don't even know that the league will arrive at the conclusion this happened.
  22. It doesn't change the running game and those scores, which were enough to beat the Colts easy, but it does call into question the passing game considering the rain slicked balls would be easier to grab if they had more give. Make no mistake, it likely wouldn't have saved Indy's hide, as nothing really could. It's just a huge disgrace if they are doing these things.
  23. I don't believe the report noted him as a casting agent, but rather that he had a profile up on a casting agency site. The site is a publicly accessible site that it appears anyone can make an account on. His listing is more likely to be that of a talent and not a talent agent, as evidenced by the listing of his height, weight and age - factors that are very commonly important in the process of casting for a role but not so much for listing a casting agent.
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