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Welcome back, Colts fans!   :)    Our 6-3 and AFC South leading Indianapolis Colts are down south in Nashville, Tennessee to play the 4-5 Tennessee Titans in an important AFC South divisional battle for  The NFL Network's Thursday Night Football nationally-televised coverage.


Colts can  use tonight's game with the Titans as a way to bring back their confidence as a team, and vindicate themselves from last Sunday's horrible home loss and blowout to the St. Louis Rams last Sunday.  Ram's Tavon Austin burned the Colts especially with his 98-yard punt return, and his two pass receptions from 57 yards and 81 yards from  Rams QB Kellen Winslow, earning him NFC Special Teams Player Of The Week at the Colts expense.  Only scoring highlight for Indianapolis in that game was a 13-yard touchdown pass to RB Donald Brown  from QB Andrew Luck, followed by a successful two-point conversion to TE Coby Fleener on the last scoring highlight by either team, preventing the Colts from being shut out by Rams.  Luck is also the top performer for the Colts with his 29 out his 47 passes completed for 353 yards, but suffered 3 of those passes for interceptions in a losing cause.


Tennessee meanwhile lost to the previously winless Jacksonville Jaguars, defeating the Titans 29-27 this past Sunday at LP Field, earning Jacksonville their first regular season win in 2013.


Colts promoted Da'rick Rogers from the practice squad, cut recently by the Buffalo Bills, and may see active duty providing spark during game action with the receiving corps. He will join T.Y. Hilton, LaVon Brazill, Griff Whalen, and Darius Heyward-Bey, as all of the Colts receivers may see their share of reception to replace  veteran and fan favorite Reggie Wayne, who suffered a season-ending knee injury during the Broncos game.


Colts backup quarterback Matt Hasselback returns to Nashville as a Colt, where he played two seasons as a Tennessee Titan. In his two season the Titans finished 9-7 in 2011, and as a role as a mentor for Jake Lock 18er, when tnhe Titans finished 2012 with a 6-10 record. Tennessee released Hasselback on  March 18, and the Colts signed him off the waiver wire the next day on March 19.


Both the Colts and the Titans also adjusted and prepared themselves from their short practice week to accommodate for tonight's Thursday Night Football coverage for The NFL Network.  Colts especially took the NFL mandatory day off on Monday, took their team practice all day Tuesday, and travelled to Nashville Wednesday earlier this week.


A  win tonight by the Colts would give Indianapolis a three-game lead over Tennessee in the AFC South division standings. A Titans win would still put them a game behind the Colts in the AFC South, and even their record at 5-5 for the season. 


Tonight's is the 38th all-time regular season meeting between the Colts and the Titans,  a series dating back when the Baltimore Colts defeated the Houston Oilers 24-20 in  their first-ever meeting since the AFL-NFL merger back on November 11, 1970.  Baltimore Colts, Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers entered the AFC conference as part of the Merger agreement back in 1969.


Colts also lead the all-time regular season series over the Titans with 23 games won over 14 losses. Colts record was 7-7 when the Titans were the Houston Oilers,  but since the NFL divisional realignment in 2002,  Indianapolis owns a 16-6 record entering tonight, and are on a three-game winning streak, their last loss on November 10, 2011, when the Colts lost 27-10 at LP Field.


Colts defeated and swept the Titans in 2012. Indianapolis defeated Tennessee  19-13 in Nashville on October 28, and later winning again at Indianapolis by the score of 27-23 on December 9. Both the Colts and the Titans are scheduled meet again this season at Indianapolis on December 1.


Indianapolis Colts are also  the only team in the NFL that have won all their games during their appearances on Thursday Night Football, their most recent TNF win was at EverBank Field at Jacksonville, where the Colts defeated the Jaguars 27-10 on the road back on November 8, 2012.  Colts record entering tonight is 6-0 with .1000 winning percentage.


Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock are announcing the live TV game commentary and analysis, including sideline reporter Alex Flanagan for The NFL Network.  Tonight's game can be seen locally over-the-air throughout the  Indianapolis area on WTHR NBC channel 13, live on HD.


Tonight's Colts @ Titans game is also being seen live  on national cable throughout the  the USA on The NFL Network, outreach to our US military personnel throughout the world on the Armed Forces Broadcast Network, at Great Britain and Ireland on Sky Sports, on Europe on Eurosport, and down under on Fox Sports Australia and New Zealand, and on your personal devices including your digital television, computer, cellphone, and iPad, all media and devices seen live on HD.


Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' along with former Colts QB  and Wisconsin Badger Jim Sorgi are also announcing the live radio game-play-by-play and analysis, along with sideline reporter Matt Taylor, simulcast on flagship stations WFNI ESPN Sports Radio 1070AM The Fan, WLHK Country 97.1FM, and the Colts/Vectren Radio Network throughout Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.


Ian Eagle and Trent Green are also announcing the live radio game commentary, along with sideline reporter Rocky Boiman, heard nationally, and simulcast on  The Westwood One Sports radio network throughout the USA,  includining locally in the Indianapolis area on WNDE-AM Sports Radio 1260, and WGCL News Talk 1370AM in Bloomington.


Clear and partly cloudy skies  at 43 degrees, feels like 40 degrees, is the local weather forcast inside Louisiana Pacific Field in Downtown Nashville, for the 8:25PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, along with 46% precipitation, 0% humidity, and mild southern winds at 6 miles per hour.


Visiting Colts are wearing their matching white jerseys and pants on the playing field tonight, while the host Titans are wearing their sky blue and white  jerseys, and white pants.


Both the Colts and the Titans, along with the rest of the NFL teams throughout the month of November, are recognizing our US soldiers in the NFL's 'Salute To Service' and Military Appreciation Month campaign.  Both the Colts and Titans players, with their team and support staffs, may wear camouflaged-designed authentic NFL equipment apparel, both on the playing field, and in the sidelines, during tonight's game.


United States Automobile Association, USAA, is also the official military supporter of the NFL, and are sponsoring and supporting both the 'Salute To Service' and Military Appreciation Month campaign.  USAA TV ads will appear during the progress of all NFL games in November, including tonight's Thursday Night Football matchup in Nashville between the Colts and Titans.



NO injuries to both the Colts and Titans despite their short practice week. Go and earn a three game lead in the AFC South with a win over the Titans in Nashville tonight, look forward to extended rest between games, and GO COLTS!!!!!   :D  :rock:  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :blueshoe:  :coltshorse:  :colts:  :helmet:  :coltslogo:



Colts @ Titans live network game links from The NFL Network. Coverage Begins at 8:00PM Eastern Standard Time.







Colts @ Titans Game Preview (PDF), and Live NFL Game Center:









Colts @ Texans Pre Game Injury Reports:





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    • Yep they were doing it we were not.
    • They were running sweeps and pitch outs with Henry.  Wake up coach.  Get JT into space.
    • I'm not following.    You're saying that TEN did not cover our receivers on running plays?  I get that. Or,   When we called passing plays, all of our receivers were open...   Of course, that would be the case because we had been calling so many running plays... IOW, run to set up the pass...if you've ever heard football analysis before.   Or do you believe in the Eaststreet way of looking at games and stats by modern (read stupid) ways of looking at analytics.  "Since our players were wide open on the passing plays (we called after we ran the ball), we should have called more passing plays and fewer running plays", LOL.   Maybe you mean something else.
    • I agree with TaylorTheStudMuffin on this one. Whatever we are, we are not contenders right now. You can make all the excuses you want for Ballard and Reich but contenders don't do the following week in and week out like the Colts do. I believe Ballard and Reich share equal blame in some of these re-occurring problems: 1. Start slow (in both games and in seasons). I have seen this team do this too often and burn themselves out by the end of the season. We have even come back from the slow starts several times but it is typically a recipe for disaster instead of contender's approach. 2. Turnovers 3. Stupid Penalties 4. Outdated/Predictable/and Questionable Play calling.  The above are all coaching problems in my opinion. GM Issues: 1. Relying solely on the draft and trades to build a roster. As TaylorTheStudMuffin stated, even if you are a great drafter it is a bit of a crapshoot. You may have to add players who can make an immediate impact via FA instead of waiting three years in hopes that a late round draftee develops.  This is never more evident than at the wide receiver position. Ballard has absolutely refused to spend money to add a FA wide receiver with real NFL production. This is a huge mistake. Yes, just like drafting, spending money does not guarantee that you will hit on a good FA, but not participating in the FA market at all guarantees that you wont. This is the approach that Ballard has rigidly followed. 2. Deciding to go with 3 straight different band-aid starters at QB after the Jacoby Brissett year is unmistakably on Ballard. Ballard has refused to spend what he needed to acquire a franchise QB, unfortunately, that is fact. You can debate the merits of just how much should be given up to get a future QB or whether the players that were available were worth it, but you cannot debate that Ballard has failed to actually do it. There is essentially four ways to get a shot at a new franchise QB. 1. Suck so bad that you get a top draft pick. Ballard and most fans don't want to see that. 2. Target and trade for a young proven player (yes, even if it costs three 1st-rounders).  3. Give up significant draft capital or players (as much as needed) to select the player you want in the NFL draft. 4. Get lucky and hit on a late-round QB. So far, and hopefully #1 is not in play for this year, the Colts have failed to do any of those four. They instead elected to create their own method (the veteran band-aid thing) which has not worked out. At some point the Colts will be forced to take one of the other four options. Hopefully, it is not #1; of course, we could always elect to go yet another year with the current failed method. Regardless of who Reich wanted as a QB, this decision still falls to Ballard. 3. Spent record amounts of money on an offensive line that has so far failed to protect our non-mobile band-aid QB's.- These are personnel moves so they again fall to Ballard although some blame may go to positional or head coaches.    
    • I do like Stroud but we would have to go 1-15-1 to get him  
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