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  1. But Sherman is imo entartaining, he's good for the game even if it's a bit questionable at times
  2. Sherman is a pretty smart guy and knows the effect this'll have, everyone pays attention to those that can entartain them in virtually every sport, Sherman does things to get a reaction because he likes the attention and enjoys that aspect of the game and it opens up many opportunities down the line, Sherman will eclipse Skip Bayless in this regard. Sort of sad how few people understand the nature of what he's doing, even if it's not a nice thing to do.
  3. https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2014/01/13/2013-offensive-line-rankings/2/ What do you guys think? McGlynn got -23.4 grade
  4. Ty is an absolute steal at this point, props to our scouts
  5. Bradford is a very underrated QB, if he can stay healthy and if the Rams draft well on offense he'll show how good he is.
  6. All the interceptions barring Hilton's were awful throws, TY shouldve kept hold of his even if it wasn't a perfect throw.
  7. Yeah way too early to tell, it's an enormous risk and could cripple Washington for years and levereges their entire future on a single player but honestly considering how awful Shanahan and the entire organization is - no one is confident they would've extracted maximum value if they hadn't made a trade.
  8. None of those teams are bad. Arizona would destroy most divisions in the NFL.
  9. He accuracy was fine before Reggie got injured, but he has been off ever since.
  10. If Sam Bradford becomes good, and they use those first rounders wisely - the Rams would be a terryfying prospect really.
  11. Luck's been most innacurate the past four games (excluding the Titans), he probably DID rely too much on Reggie last year and is having problems finding our other recievers.
  12. Their O-Line is awful, worse than ours but the margin isn't all that big imo Griffin is playing with a terrible team, and they've been genuinly exposed once he's been playing poorly.
  13. Mettenberger is a second-third round QB at best. A lot of third round quarterbacks this year. Manziel is the best college QB in the country, huge questions about his NFL stock.
  14. Mariota want's that Heizman, he'll be back next year.
  15. Seahawks have a very good shout at the Superbowl, their playing extremely well across the board - firing across all cylinders.
  16. Well none of us understand the actual context of it all because that dressing room seems weird as hell. It could be the black players (and white players) felt comfortable with Incognito's use of the word in the same way some black people call each other the n-word. We don't know how that locker room works, which I think you're not understanding here. It doesn't make it right obviously but it seems to be a bit more nuanced then you're letting on.
  17. We suck at stopping the run and made Fitzapatrick look like a top 5 QB.
  18. Have no idea how people can be so dismiisive of the Cardinals. Our record and our wins against the Seahawks and the Broncos mask how entirely EVEN this game truely is. I cannot think of too many areas where we have a clear advantage over them, apart from QB.
  19. I think he'll be fine, he's never gonna run the ball as much as he did last year, but he's got a good arm and has the technique.
  20. Meh, Wilson is very good but its a stretch to call him better than Luck, I think they're on par. The stats people usually list tend to lack the perspective needed when evualiting QB's, and miss important insights that affect the stats that you can't explain by a differential in talent. The Seahawks O-Line has had injuries, but is pretty good when healthy, our O-Line sucks regardless of injuries.
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