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    • Massive deal. Billions of dollars to the local economies inbound from each of these events. The Rumble is my favorite night of the year, so I’m most excited for that one. There’s nothing better than a well done Rumble.    I’ve said since the day it opened that I don’t know why WWE hasn’t run WM at the stadium. Coming in the north entrance and seeing the ring down below and a full house across the way is going to be a killer camera shot.      Hopefully they open the roof for SummerSlam. 
    • Shaw did do a very poor job of recruiting his last few years which infuriated a good part of the fan base.  They were happy to see him retire early, though he left with a very generous golden parachute which made many fans even angrier.      As for the Hogan years, yes they were very good.  But not primarily due to Hogan who was a nice college level quarterback.    Hogan was supported by (A) Christian McCaffrey and (B) the most talented Stanford recruits in school history.  Including an OL with two future 1st round draft picks on it plus other very good talent.  And (C) some of the best defensive players Stanford ever recruited.   The team was as loaded as Stanford can get.  Hogan just had to be good, there was rarely pressure for him to be great.    Someday….  (If anyone is interested)   Perhaps this off-season, I’ll tell you some great Stanford Sports stories.  The school is an odd mix of strange decisions concerning football and other sports plus some decisions that are both good and infuriating.  Most days it’s easy to be a Stanford fan.  But somedays the school makes it so hard.   Harder than they need to.       
    • 3-14 mostly cause AR is still a question mark. I do like what I did see but until he proves he can make it a season, no one knows. So I’m setting bar low
    • They didn't win a game that AR played the majority of snaps. I am not even factoring in his injury risk. Even assuming he's healthy, he's basically repeating his rookie year. While everybody would agree his upside is higher than Minshew's, there's still nothing definitive to point to AR automatically equaling more wins.    Also, as you mentioned, the Colts fundamentally stayed the same, meanwhile, AFCS teams got stronger, especially HOU and TEN. TLaw beat both Minshew and AR last year. Stroud is now in year 2. Levis will be in year 2 (and if we think AR will make a jump, we have to consider that Levis could as well).   Yes, they won 9 games last year with Minshew. But their schedule isn't the same nor is it easier. So it's weighing the impact of AR returning + some young player development) vs. a much tougher schedule of QBs + offseason improvements for other teams (in most cases) + some young player development.   When I compare what happened last year to what they are facing this year, I don't see where they are supposed to make up the ground in the win column. I suppose there could be a rash of QB injuries again. But barring that, the win improvement has to come against good-great teams, which is a tall order.  
    • History says you win with a great qb or a great defense.  A great d hasn't won in a long time.   What does that leave??
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