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    • And we're done, 3-1 Netherlands. We trailed the entire game, first 1-0, then 2-1, and then the Netherlands added another goal late in the 2nd Half and that was it for us.
    • Absolutely.  I'm sure there is...if you want look close enough to find it,....a bump in the attitudes of players since Frank left.   Change alone will do that.  Fear of losing a contract will do that, out of fear of not being in the good Graces of the new guy.   Stability invites a certain amount of complacency,  Churning things can create renewed energy.  I don't see anything to suggest Saturday is creating some wave of change amongst players.  We've always been competitive in games, for the most part.  The issue has been never being able to close out games either by getting a FD or another score when needed or getting a stop on D.  Hopefully, that's the thing that will change.   Their core attitude is still going to be driven by the unsettled nature of the big leadership issues at all levels.  We have instability at the top 4 levels of the football team.  Is the owner going to meddle again, will Ballard be our GM, will our current HC still be here, will Ryan be our QB?   All of those things weigh heavily on energy, albeit its possible to get little sparks here and there.
    • Saturday should’ve called it, but not sure it mattered in the end. He would’ve had to change the play, and I don’t think he could read the situation. Just not enough experience.
    • Guess it depends on whether the Chargers make the playoffs. If Payton comes to Indy, you’re gonna have Brady as your QB.   Something funny I noticed...   Matt Ryan was benched on the 28th week and 3rd day of the year, or the 199th day of the year. Who was the 199th draft pick? Tom Brady. The matrix works in mysterious ways haha!
    • Remember getting smoked by saints with Jacoby. That’s what this game seems like.
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