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  1. I've been away a while and I came back and clicked on this thread first. I'm leaving again now. I suddenly remembered why I'm taking a break from my the forum. Good God!!!
  2. I don't know where you're getting your numbers, but there is no way on earth he gets that kind of money. That is more than elite left tackles.
  3. How exactly do you dominate a pro day? Did he really put those tackling dummies to shame? Did he really blow away the grass under his feet? I don't know, they set these things up to make the player look good so I put no stock at all in pro days. Still believe Clowney is ridiculously over hyped. If I see him dominate against real NFL lineman then I'll be a believer, but until that happens, I'm not gonna change my mind about him now.
  4. I'll never understand why anybody would care in the least about what number a player wears. Not a single time in my sports watching life have I ever cared or even thought about a players number. It just makes no difference what so ever, so why worry about it.
  5. I agree with the others that say Bridgewater won't go 1st. I also strongly disagree that the Texans are only short a QB to be a complete team and make the playoffs again. Complete and good teams do not only win 2 games the previous yr. just being short a QB. Don't give me the Colts as an example either. Anybody with half a brain cell knew the Colts were trash the yr. without Manning. Even with Manning, that team was going nowhere. I've said for a while that the Texans have been frauds and I'm sticking with that. They'll be better than last yr., but let's face it...that won't be hard to do. I think if the Texans go QB, they'll go with Bottles.
  6. This is where we differ in opinion. I don't think the missing piece is a guard, I don't think our current guards are going to inhibit us in any way. I'm still somewhat concerned about the center spot, but not the guards. I think Thornton can be a great guard if he's allowed to play his more natural position of RG. We have also sacrificed too many draft picks to be giving them away for an old guard(and yes, 33 is old, I don't care what position he plays). I've seen players be great one yr. and then all of a sudden drop off into oblivion the next yr. simply because age can catch up with a player seemingly overnight. I'm also still not convinced that Mathis would be nearly as effective in our scheme. He would probably be alright, but I'm doubtful that he would still be a pro-bowler.
  7. Thank God there are a few of us here that are capable of using common sense. Trading for a soon to be 33 yr. old guard that is seeking more than his 5.5 mil. A yr. contract is absolutely ludicrous. How people can not understand this is just as ludicrous.
  8. I agree. I admit I really do not know how Mathis would perform in a mostly man blocking scheme, but I have serious reservations for someone of his size being able to hold up and win most of his battles.
  9. Sounds good and you're right, I haven't watched him real closely because I despise the Eagles but with that said, I've seen enough of him where I don't believe he would be a good fit. Would he be better than who we've had in the past? Yes, but IMO he would become nothing more than average here and wouldn't be even close to being worth his contract.
  10. Seriously...you're using combine stats that happened 10+ yrs. ago? It really doesn't matter how much he benches and squats anyway. Benching and squating isn't the same as taking on 310+ lb guys play after play on his own for an entire game. I know many here do not like to recognize it, but there is a difference in zone blocking lineman and man blocking lineman.
  11. It's not silly at all. He's a zone blocking lineman that wouldn't have the strength to hold up playing mostly a man blocking scheme. The dude is is 6'5" and under 300 lbs. Sounds more like an OT than a guard even though I know he's been pretty good in Philly, but they had Mudd there as there OL coach and he liked smaller, quicker lineman.
  12. I don't know why some people just can't accept there are certain players that are not a scheme fit. Mathis happens to be one of them and as others have said...he's too old to be trading picks for and giving him a raise.
  13. This is exactly what I thought. I don't know what this Icewolf guy is smoking, but the Raiders have done absolutely nothing this offseason to improve themselves. In fact, they have probably gotten even worse and that's a difficult thing to do considering how bad they sucked before.
  14. If NFL teams had any sense, he'd end up in the CFL or Arena League.
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