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NFL Films Steve Sabol Dies At 69


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Very sad..... they are GIANTS in the industry.... and frankly, in terms of documenting their sport, the Sabol's pretty much wrote the book on how to do it, and do it brilliantly.

Ed and Steve..... two lives very, very well lived. Now, they've got the best seat in the House for viewing games!

Well done, guys, well done!! :thmup:

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This is a sad day for football. Steve Sabol and his dad did so much to bring the game closer to the fans. Both of them did incredible work. Not only that, but all I've ever heard about them is how classy they were, how kind they were, how they were very soft-spoken and well-spoken individuals. RIP Steve

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Here I am with egg all over my face. I wrote poetically, that Steve, who passed away today, was now joining his father in Heaven so they could watch football together with the best seats in the House. Lovely thought.

One problem with this. Ed Sabol, or, as he's known, Big Ed.... is still very much alive. Steve died just a few weeks shy of his 70th birthday, and Big Ed, is 96, and I've learned still going strong! Hope he keeps going strong! Long may he live!

And when he finally passes, THEN he can join his son for the best seats in the house...

Me, with egg all over my face.... I hate when that happens! :slaphead:

Sometimes I'm such a nitwit! :facepalm:

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