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  1. Yes' it was. Take away the debacle to end the half, and this was one fun game to watch.
  2. It is a huge deal to get 10 days. That's the least effective that I can ever remember seeing JJ Watt.I just couldn't believe this was our o-line. Great job by them! Key to offense tonight was the balance. That last pass to TY was as gutsy of a call as you will see.
  3. Take a good look at Woody Paige. I know it's hard to do, but it'll be self explanatory.
  4. Skip still thinks Tim Tebow is Hall of Fame bound.
  5. Absolutely. Especially Mark "the genius" Schlereth. This guy is so much smarter than everyone else, regardless of the subject. If you don't believe it, just listen to him.
  6. Just heard, Mark 'the genius' Schlereth is still predicting a big Bronco win.
  7. The real question is...has Denver really played anybody? There schedule hasn't been against the who's who of the NFL.
  8. I heard him say it this morning on ESPN.
  9. Colin Cowherd. Funny, I didn't see Andrew Luck cry.
  10. Oh yeah, it's gonna work now, the pieces are coming together. That "physical" 49er D was worn down in the 4th quarter. They were grabbing and just trying to hang on. Most confident I've a Colts team in a long time.
  11. He could be Richard Pryor, it won't matter. 41-13 Colts.
  12. The Jets won. Guess it was worth it. I remember when Buddy Ryan put his starting defensive line in a preseason game against the Colts just to preserve the win. It was in the last 2 minutes. Just boggles the mind! Wouldn't be an ego trip would it?
  13. Are they affiliated with Biggs, Shy, & Stir? Put that one together.
  14. How much of the series will be broadcast from their local jailhouse? Just a thought.
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