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  1. Nice sack/fumble Sunday by Werner against the Jags. He looked like he wanted the handoff.
  2. I don't know what they could do, hopefully they can " motivate " officials to make the right calls or review turnovers, make penalty calls in those reviews.
  3. Yeah but it's like " yeah we were wrong, too bad for you* shoulder shrugs "
  4. Some of these threads are worse than 0-2, not this 1 though. ...and John Cena
  5. Yes and the Oline should be able to protect Luck so he could do so.
  6. I find it funny people still don't think he gives through his progressions, I want the helmet cam footage they have because Chucky showed a video package of Luck going through multiple progressions to find the open man.
  7. Pagano is a very good coach, he's a big part of this teams upside, Hamilton is questionable though. We should've been running when Luck was intercepted, should've been passing on the next series IMO.
  8. Yeah Donald Brown seems like a safer pick than Richardson who's still somewhat of a question mark. Bradshaw is playing great though.
  9. QB- elite RB- above average TE- above average. (Not yet elite) WR- elite Oline- below average Dline- above average ILB- above average OLB- average CBs- above average( not yet elite ) SS/FS- above average ST- above average P- Elite K- elite HC- elite OC- average DC- above average Overall we are a above average team that's not yet elite. TEs and CBs seem to be progressing toward being elite. We need atleast above average OLBers, their run D is decent but they need help on pass rush, a healthy Mathis would catapult them to elite status too. RBs are a mixed bag, Bradshaw looks elite while Richardson has good plays but makes big mistakes that put him below average( I have hope for 34 )rounds out be be above average RB stable. Our Oline just needs more talent period. I don't see any real issues in any position that's rated above average, not every position needs to be elite.
  10. This seems pretty accurate to me.
  11. Well I noticed a ton of dump off passes, screens, but I dint see many slants though.
  12. It's pretty ridiculous, so much so that I wonder if some posters are trolling.
  13. Football games are generally close, it's important that the refs make the right calls.
  14. Well the sports casters didn't talk about the bad calls/ no calls for nothing. The refs made some big plays at keys points. The Eagles played very well though.
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