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  1. I bet Tommy Tutone actually gets tired of singing 867-5309.
  2. I think i've seen something along those lines. Maybe.
  3. True, some were. If Pagano was an offensive-minded coach, then I think that bullet point would be raised even more than it has been in connection with Luck. I've seen the Pagano's Illness used quite a bit as an arguing point for Luck to win it. If Pagano was as hands on with the offense as Shanahan then it would be amplified more than it is. In another thread. I made the suggestion that the NFL needs a most valuable rookie so that the rookie awards fall in line with the MVP/OPOY/DPOY. As it stands now, in my opinion the OROY & DROY are more in line with the OPOY & DPOY than they are with MVP. A case could be made for those 4 guys, and to a lesser extent maybe Doug Martin. He had that huge game but Morris was the more consistent back of that class. With Morris & RGIII along with the maneuvering to get RGIII, and attempting to replace some of the picks is one reason I could make an argument for their GM as EOY. He's not going to win it, that will go to Grigson and deservedly. This year has been a fairly unique year where there can be a lot of arguments made for most of these awards.
  4. If you limit it to that one play it is a fair point, but in the grand scheme of things Caldwell & Belichick don't need to be in the same conversations.
  5. Haven't you heard? There is no case for Manning for MVP. That concept is absurd, he hasn't done anything special, he's only played better than Peyton Manning historically has, aka nothing special. Manning winning the award would be nothing but a sham, and outside of a feel good story there is nothing of substance to his 2012 season. Message Key: Red italicized text is laced with sarcasm 4 out 5 dentists don't recommend it.
  6. Exactly, he can know individual players strengths and weaknesses and tendencies to a point but that is about it. Just like with Gruden & the Raiders in the Super Bowl. He knew every move, every play etc, because they hired from within and didn't change anything. If they had brought in a new coach/new system, Gruden would have known the player/etc, but wouldn't have a huge insight into the new scheme.
  7. OUM, you are just inviting jokes and punch lines with that one. All joking aside, Caldwell has no intimate knowledge of the Colts on how they are constructed or the schemes they are running. Pagano has an intimate knowledge of the Ravens defensive scheme and to a lesser extent their offensive scheme minus any tweaks added this year or this week. Caldwell knows some strengths and weaknesses of individual players but that is basically it. Now if you put them both in a game vs. say San Fran, it's Chuck all day long but that's from the archives of Captain Obvious. Now when you start talking Ravens D vs. Arians O, then I'd say from a familiarity/prep view point it's even. I'd give the edge to the Ravens due to the detailed/coach like workmanship of Ray Lewis, and the predictably of the Arians offense over the years dating back to his time in Pittsburgh. Now since you invited comical comments, now if you want to reword it to who has the edge Jim Caldwell or Mr. Potato Head then I'll go with Mr. Potato Head and his interchangeable expressions. I just knew Mr. Potato Head had intimate knowledge about the Ravens
  8. I'm not sure if that information is part of the CBA or not. I'll try to take a look in that this afternoon. I'll kick around some rocks and see what I can find. To me #4 simply means that during the week of the AFC/NFC Championship games that teams can't request permission/make interest known or interview a coach during that week so that the coaches can concentrate on the task at hand which is preparing for the AFC/NFC CG. Based on that PDF, it seems that if team x has a bye, their coaches can interview for a job during their bye week and then no contact can be had until their seasons ends. If team Y has a wild card game then their coaches can interview in between the WC/Divisional round and then no other contact can be had until their season ends.
  9. I don't see how that has anything to do with being a real man. Obviously the money for a HC is more than an OC in most if not all cases, but it could easily be about fulfilling a dream. He's been on record saying that he's happy with the time he spent as IHC, and that he won't take just any job, but if an interesting position presents itself, and I would say Chicago is interesting. He would have a similarly physically talented QB, even though their personalities/demeanor are different. He's not walking into a scrub at QB. Aging, but decent defensive talent. Quarterback wise the same could be said about the potential of him ending up in San Diego. If he takes it, I doubt it is as much about the money as other factors.
  10. Basically , I was under the impression that the only coaches that could take on interviews during the playoffs, were the coaches of teams with bye's, i.e. Denver/New England, Atlanta & San Fran. That is how it used to be, but evidently they have changed. I'm sure that makes things even more complicated. Just take care of yourself.
  11. 1 ) It is a different NFL. The gave of football has evolved. High School QB's are running no-huddle offenses, some with the QB calling the plays. They are more advanced for their time in college, then they grow and become more advanced for their NFL careers. It's a far different world than say even 10 years ago. 2 ) That is a fair point in theory, but I believe it has it's flaws. To me Luck would have been affected more in a negative way if it would have been Arians with the illness as opposed to Pagano. RG3 no doubt would have had his development stunted if Shanahan had faced what Pagano has, but a lot of that in my opinion is because Mike is more hands on with the offense than Chuck is with the offense here. He has an offensive background, so there is no doubt it would affect a QB more in that scenario which is different from Andrew. With that said, the QB/team/assistants/staff/etc have done a commendable job dealing with that issue. While it is a huge negative for Pagano personally, and thankfully he has returned and his illness is in remission, I believe it has given the team a bit of edge, and by edge I don't really mean a benefit vs. other teams, but more of an edge from an attitude/inspiration perspective. 3 ) While some guys were discarded, I saw nothing of an expansion teams. The last 4(Houston, Cleveland, Jacksonville/Carolina), none of them had a Reggie Wayne, or an Austin Collie(though he didn't play much), or the Freeney/Mathis/Bethea/. There was "turnover" that mimicked an expansion team to a point, but to me the talent level that remained in place from last year far exceeded the typical expansion team.
  12. Yeah, I knew that part of it, it's been that way for years. It used to be that the only discussion teams/coaches could have were during the bye weeks of the playoffs with the coaches of teams that had a bye. Evidently they have changed that at some point.
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