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  1. thinking about buying a TV today...

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    2. Nadine


      Let me know what you get. I was shopping with my mom who is looking for something far larger than what I got. What I learned in shopping with her is the thinner the tv, the better the picture. I bought sony but she is looking at a samsung

    3. Nadine


      one thing I am very glad I got was a pc port. I can connect my tv to my laptop and watch online videos. love that!

    4. stat2883


      yeah my laptop has an HDMI port, so its literally just plug and play. I'm leaning towards a panasonic plasma - after asking around and doing a little bit of reading, it sounds like this is the best quality (though not the cheapest). Plasma's handle fast moving action (sports, action movies, etc) better than LCDs, though LCDs have pretty much caught up now. Plasma's handle glare from lighting better though. So yeah...right now I'm leaning that way. :)

  2. Finally the 2012 season is about to get underway....

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