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  1. Yup, the problems there are systemic and far beyond the product on the field. All the "leaks" and anonymous sources stuff has been going on for years there. Until the culture changes, they'll never have sustained success. Makes what Gibbs did there in his return all the more impressive. If Tom Brady had been a late round draft pick there, you might not have ever heard of him.
  2. Haven't touched ESPN for several years now - they're not much more than a gossip magazine at this point.
  3. http://espn.go.com/dallas/nfl/story/_/id/11727006/joseph-randle-dallas-cowboys-partners-meundies-shoplifting-arrest kinda funny
  4. I don't buy this as an argument - just because Wilson isn't asked to do something doesn't mean he isn't capable. Lack of evidence for is not the same as evidence against. That being said, I would take Luck too.
  5. like jvan said, they have quality guys (usually entry level positions) that go through and do all the charting and looking for trends etc and they give that to the coaches in a nice easy to read little package. As for gameplanning, they typically go 4 games back and if a team hasn't run a given concept or play in that time, they usually won't practice for it that week. Individual players on the other hand sometimes keep notebooks on opposing players that they know they will face again later down the road. So even going back to last year and the spot duty he saw during 2012, defensive players (
  6. As of now, Cousins is a decent QB until he gets knocked off script. And this isn't one of those "oh its just one game" things. Its been a trend. Yes he will get better, but not sure how high his ceiling is. Great guy though - would like to see him succeed somewhere (whether in Washington or elsewhere). T @TMM75 ยท Sep 26 @NEPatriotsDraft nailed it with this 2012 description of Kirk Cousins' weaknesses. Still the same issues in 2014. Weaknesses: Does not handle pressure in the pocket well, throws off his back foot far too often - Has locked onto receivers at times - Could add some bulk, got s
  7. ...yeah definitely Yeah I'm not condemning him by any means....just telling people to slow their roll a bit and let things play out
  8. I like Cousins just fine, but that's what now...18 turnovers in 10 games I think - and not all of them were full games? I know a couple scouts compared him to Rex Grossman coming out of college. I think he'll be just fine in time. Let your own eyes judge and ignore the talking heads.
  9. stat2883


    he had all of last off season working with the first team - questions of arm strength have nothing to do with anything you said....and forcing balls into coverage is just as much on him as it is the "crappy offense" he might have been in. That axe you're grinding must be pretty sharp by now. but I have no real intention on spending my time debating this with someone claiming an MSU bias - its obvious nothing will change. I'll rest content in what I know of the situation there.
  10. stat2883


    yeah I saw it...also saw his three games last year - got progressively worse. Not taking anything away from Cousins, but the sample size isn't there yet, and there are still plenty of questions - arm strength, decision making, etc.
  11. stat2883


    that's very much up for debate
  12. stat2883


    further along now yeah as a pro-style QB, but inside the building there has been little question who the long term answer was. Whether or not you agree with their assessment, that's what it is. Given this latest injury though, who knows what happens now.
  13. dislocated ankle is the word - tests tomorrow morning, but assume its season ending
  14. stat2883


    can't underestimate this - their track record of developing draft picks has been suspect at best for most of the past decade
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