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  2. At least I had the sense to know they should've took Watson. I posted they should've took Watson when this was going on. I didn't say Mahomes but I did say Watson. Trubisky isn't the answer and never was. I couldn't believe they didn't draft Watson. Nobody knew how great Mahomes would be so I get passing on him. Trubisky = Tannehill IMO.
  3. So, why don't tell me how you really feel? Just joking! Well placed bluntness is very effective. You know as a little kid when the teacher is upset & says "Care to share with the rest of the class F2us?" I almost wish I was there to hear your reply. LOL!
  4. Hey Bryce how is it going man , you took your pretty hair to Philly and took 330 mill and did nothing this year. Your former team is on the verge of winning the WS. You can't make this stuff up.
  5. Look who the Bears passed on to select Trubisky, Mahomes and Watson.
  6. 8-2 Nats lead in the 7th Inning in Game 2. I guess she's mad , her hubby is about to lose another one
  7. At 6'3" 330 lbs. he can be anything he wants. He is definitely a player that is all in.
  8. Smith is quietly a top 10 RT. If you put stock into PFF grades, his overall grade is the 7th best among RT’s. He’s not a weak link in the slightest. Even if we got Scherff, every player on the line would be top 10 at their position.
  9. One final point on Matt Ryan & my belief that he should force his way out of Atlanta: I think he'd fit nicely in Buffalo too. Yeah, I know. Traditionally, dome QBs don't play well in snow & the Bills play in very frigid & windy conditions. Point taken. However, the Bills D is legit & because Matt Ryan has nice touch/ball placement on his throws, this addition could work. Plus, to be honest, I feel bad for Buffalo fans who deserve hope as a franchise & I wanna see that historic club cheer for something beyond Frank Gore & Jim Kelly. If any team deserves a break & a boatload of goodwill to come their way, Buffalo is it.
  10. All I'm saying is, we better not lose to the * Broncos.
  11. I kick all my 18 tires, every time I stop the truck.
  12. ReMeDy


    So basically, teams have identified Glow is our weakest link and are exploiting him.
  13. MHO someone's reading way too much into the Sanu trade. The patriots can compensate for the arrival of Sanu without sarificing Gordon Assuming Gordon gets healthy, the Patriots depth chart goes like so Edelman Sanu/Gordon Gordon/Sanu Dorsett Meyers With Olzewski and Slater as special teams guys who fill in on occasion Call me nuts but I don't see a surplus there. That's a good deep corps but not exactly overloaded. Solid 1-3 and 2 decent depth guys but nothing otherworldly. Why the hek would the Pats trade Gordon with that in mind? Makes absolutely no sense to me. Right now the most likely casualty of the Sanu trade is the malcontented Michael Bennett
  14. Denver's coming off a game where they got embarrassed. Usually the game after being blown out is a lot closer.
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  16. Doesn't make a ton of sense to me. The Patriots have been all in on Gordon for literally years now.
  17. Well said CBE. Well said. After HC Dan Quinn gets fired/let go, why would a 2nd tier QB like Ryan wanna stick around for the rebuild? Okay, I understand he's handsomely compensated & Atlanta is a great city to live & raise a family in, but Matt's never gonna win a ring there & he's not getting any younger. Yeah, I'm with ya man. I'd wanna go to a contender team or a decent one anyway say Chicago with it's solid defense maybe.
  18. The only good thing is the broncos have lost pretty bad to the top teams like KC and GB. Their two wins and the rest of their losses were not against great teams. We just need to play hard and do what we do and I think we will be fine.
  19. Wow.....well done.
  20. Any given Sunday guys, we need to remember that or it's going to be alot of hurt feeling on this forum.
  21. That's an excellent point. Why would the Dirty Birds basically come to the conclusion, what the hades, our season is over, let's make NE who kicked our caboose in the SB awhile back even better with 1 of our best WR weapons. Come again? Arthur Blank. Why did you green light this move? A misguided, early Christmas gift? SMH. You slay the dragon; You never strengthen an adversary man. A really strange roster move indeed DS.
  22. Harder than some people think. I've been saying most of our games will be close and this game is no different. We're not good enough to count any game as an easy win, except (hopefully) the Dolphins game.
  23. We could get that many sacks and create turnovers. We win easily if we do. I also think though could go the other way and be a tight game if they get the run game going and don’t have to pass much.
  24. FWIW his OC, Groh, said he did not locate the ball soon enough to enable him to make the catch. He said if he did he would have made the adjustment to make the attempt to catch it instead of still running hard to create separation. He mentioned he works and practices hard all the time and there is no one questioning his effort. Of all the players being linked to the Colts in trade articles he and Vic Beasley are the two being mentioned who wouldn't cost as much. Probably a 4th. rd. pick.
  25. When I heard that Emperor Palpatine [Bill Belichick] acquired Sanu, I sighed, shook my head, & said out loud: Come on, must NE win every Super Bowl? This is getting absurd now. Enough is enough. Everybody tells me when this dynasty is gone, I will miss it. No, not really. Funny, sarcastic line though MPS. I have to give you props for making me chuckle pretty darn good. Bravo.
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