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Colts @ Redskins Preseason Game Day Thread

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Completion percentage wise Robert Griffin III was better but yards and quality of throws werent even close, Luck showed why he was #1 Luck-151 yards 1 touchdown 14-23, Robert Griffin III-74 yards 1 touchdown 11-17

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Looks like our Colts QB corp has been set this season. Luck, Stanton, and Harnish. Interesting though if there are any more rookies, even besides Luck, RG III, and other quarterbacks who can become candidates for NFL rookie of the week, month, and year, in the 2012 regular season.

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We've known for a while that we've had many holes to fill. Then our first and second preseason games gave us a glimpse of hope that maybe we've addressed some of the issues we knew about coming into the season. After this game, it's evident that we still have a long ways to go.

It's not a bad thing to have a loss like this in the preseason. It will be a wake up call to the coaches, and the players.

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    • Did I misread your post?   Did you not say you were in favor of moving Nelson to LT?   That if we’re going to pay him top dollar, it would be better to do it with him as our LT instead of at LG?    That wasn’t you?    I’m sorry, I thought that’s what I responded to.... 
    • With me, road whites are off-limits.  As to the blue tops, as much as i do dig the color rush blues, I’m an old-school-uni guy, and would lean to white pants.   I’m in Penn State country, and there are some similarities i guess.   I do think improvements can be made in the striping.  Minimal enough cahange to keep purists happy, but could “update the uni.  Perhaps 3 stripes down the leg and middle of helmet.  Middle one thicker than sides.  Not crazy wide.... tasteful like the stripes on a shelby. The middle stripe could be horseshoes similar to the way seattle uses imagry.  Maybe a large horseshoe on each shoulder that circles down around the number.  Minimal...... but updated..... without losing the “brand.”   Remember that outdated font that was recently retired?  A small “refresh” might be nice.   I’d like to see a “ghosted” image of like padding texture or like metalplate image (barely noticeable) at shoulder pads, knee and thigh pads.  Like a 3d effect.   I remember oregon once had ghosted wings on the shoulders that were cool, bit not “too much.”
    • If you read the previous posts, you would see that I don't have a problem with paying Nelson and I expect us to keep him at Guard and draft a LT. So take a deep breath.   This part isn't directed towards you particularly but jeez louise I keep on having to restate stuff 
    • I find it hard to believe some say bench Wentz to save a draft pick. If Wentz is the starter for the Colts you don't bench him, period. End of story. 
    • Well...   we’re going to pay Nelson and make him the highest paid guard in football.   If that doesn’t work for you take it up with Chris Ballard.   He runs the team. 
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