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  1. Living in Indy, I've had little reason to stay at an area hotel. I do know, however, than the Courtyard and Springhill Suites adjacent to the J.W. Marriott are solid.
  2. I hope that's true. JMV has had chatter on his show indicating his health is a major concern, although I heard that awhile ago.
  3. Needs to get healthy. Rumors are that's a huge concern.
  4. The Red Garter is perfect for bachelor parties, no??
  5. Hopefully that means fewer personal fouls on defense.
  6. My guess is that Devon Bell will compete with Locke for the punter roster spot.
  7. It wouldn't surprise me if Ballard is the unidentified candidate who called the defense "old." I'm assuming that any player over 30 who can be cut and provide decent cap savings, or who is a UFA, may be gone.
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