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2021 Preseason Game #3: Colts at Lions, Friday, Aug. 27st, 7pm ET


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3 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

The ball was thrown behind him

Fair enough. It wasn't the most perfect pass for sure, but he adjusted himself and the ball did bounce of his hands.


He can make a niche for himself on those kind of contested plays, especially  in the end zone if the QBs can trust him. 

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4 minutes ago, BlackTiger said:

This is getting ugly, bad basics like blocking and tackling.  The first string line and defense are light years better than the backups 


Kinda sucks that basically none of our starters got any exp at all this preseason (except Paye and a few others in the first series this game). Especially with our schedule being rough from the get go.

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39 minutes ago, Blindside said:

Yes Eason can move the ball between the 20's. But defenses know he is going to throw on it on second down. He needs to understand you cant throw yourself to wins in this league. You dont give

up on the run so easily. I just dont understand his offense what so ever. Maybe Im being too harsh but he has had time with the 1's and 2's and 6 points is not going to cut it. There are way better backups in the league right now.

Lets see what he does in the 2 minute. 

Highly DOUBT Eason is calling his own plays!!

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