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Mock Off-season 1.0

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Starting Cap Space: $91,846,470


Colts Free Agents 


Unrestricted Free Agents


DE Jabaal Sheard – 2 Years/$14M (First year fully guaranteed at $7M)

Still a valuable piece defending the run. It's important to have veteran DL on the roster like Sheard and Houston to be mentors to players like Turay, Banogu, and Muhammed. 


WR Devin Funchess – 1 Year/$7M ($3M in incentives) 

We didn't really get to see Funchess at all this past season, but I think he's worth bringing back to see what he can do on the field. WR depth was a big issue this year and there's not many realistic options in free agency.  It's a deep WR draft class, but I feel we need veteran players at the positon along with the younger guys. Funchess will still be young himself as he will be 26 at the start of the season. 


T Anthony Castonzo – 3 Years/$48M ($26M guarenteed)

While he is pondering retirement, I am going through with the scenario that he continues playing. He is still playing at a high level, and it is very hard to replace the LT. An OT in the draft is still a good idea, since we do not have much depth across the line except for Haeg and Andrews, both I believe will be brought back.  


G Joe Haeg – 2 Years/$6.5M ($3.5M cap hit in 2020)

Can play any position on the line and has been our best reserve lineman for the past few seasons. 


RB Jonathan Williams – 1 Year/1.325M

Didn't get to play much except for the time Mack was out, but Ballard and our coaches seem to like him and would want to keep him around at least for camp and the preseason. 


G Josh Andrews – 2 Years/4.5M ($2.5M cap hit in 2020) 

Like Haeg, he is a solid backup lineman and should be kept for depth. 


Restricted Free Agents


WR Marcus Johnson – RFA Original Round Tender ($2.144M)

277 yards and 2 TDs really isn't that bad considering he only played in 8 games. He is worth bringing back in camp to fight for the final WR spot. 


Exclusive Rights Free Agents


WR Daurice Fountain - ERFA Tender (660K)

Might be his last shot at the roster after being on IR all of last year. He seemed to be developing into a decent player so hopefully he can be involved on offense barring no injuries. 


S Rolan Milligan - ERFA Tender (660K)

He was always one of those guys I never really understood why he was still on the roster, but he played decently when he was on the field so he's worth bringing back on a cheap tender. 




DL Margus Hunt - Saves $4M 

Fell out of the rotation in favor of Grover Stewart. 17 tackles/0 sacks in 2019 after having 30 tackles/5 Sacks in 2018. Not worth the $4M as a 33 year old backup DL. 


Money Spent: $40,789,000

Remaining Cap Space: $55,057,470


Free Agents


DT Javon Hargrave – 4 Years/$60M ($35M guarenteed)

A disruptive 3 Tech on the DL is something the Colts need desperately. Autry has been solid but is also entering a contract year. Stewart did well this year but is more suited as a 1 tech. Pittsburgh will most likely have to choose between Dupree and Hargrave with their cap situation. Hargrave is a solid interior pass rusher and is most likely the 2nd best DT in this free agency class behind Chris Jones, and I anticipate Chris Jones returning to Kansas City. $15M/year might be a bit high but that approximately what the market value is for a young, free agent DT.


TE Austin Hooper – 4 Years/$38M ($20M guarenteed)

Reich has been a fan on the 2-TE sets since his time as Philly's Offensive Coordinator with Ertz and Goedert. Colts will most likely not bring back Ebron, so Hooper will fill the void as the receiving TE. Hooper had a very good year with 75 catches/787 yards/6 TDs.  Hunter Henry is another option here but I believe he has had too many injuries to trust him to play a full season. Atlanta has about $7M in cap space, so Hooper's price tag may become unrealistic for them to match. A TE group of Doyle, Hooper, and Alie-Cox is a solid group moving forward. 


CB Logan Ryan – 2 Years/$25M ($12M guaranteed)  

He will be 29 at the start of the season but is coming off a very impressive season: 113 Tackles, 18 Pass Deflections, 4 FF, 4 INT, 4.5 Sacks. Suffered a broken fibula in 2018 but has only missed 3 games in 7 seasons. All around CB that will excel in any system. Titans have around $51M in cap space, but have other free agents like Tannehill, Henry, and Conklin. Desir and Moore both missed time this year due to injuries, so it’s important to have solid options at CB. Ryan isn't a name I have seen mentioned on here as a potential free agent target, but I feel he would be a good pick up for the secondary on a similar contract that Ballard did with Justin Houston, who is close in age to Logan Ryan and in a similar situation where his team couldn't afford to keep him.  


Money Spent on Free Agents: $37,000,000

Cap Space Remaining: $18,057,470




Round 1 Pick 13: QB Jordan Love – Utah State

Love has been talked about extensively on the site so I won’t go into too much detail on his skill set.  We all know he has a big arm but can struggle with decision-making. I think he has the physical tools to exceed at the NFL level, and I feel a lot of his bad habits can be fixed with Frank Reich.  I anticipate Herbert being off the board, as well as Derrick Brown, Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb. Taking Javon Kinlaw here is a very tempting, but if we can sign Hargrave or another solid DT, I think we can grab a DT on Day 2. With all the time Ballard and company as spent scouting Love, I feel that if they really want him, they will take him when they can at #13. A trade down is possible, but it would not be unrealistic if a team like New England would get him or maybe even Tampa Bay would take him after Winston’s 30-30 season.      


Round 2 Pick 34: DT Neville Gallimore – Oklahoma

He's very athletic and extremely quick for being 304 lb. Reportedly ran a 4.76 40 time at Oklahoma. Has great effort and range as a 1-Tech. Doesn't have the pass rush ability to be a 3-tech, but does a good job at getting through the line as a 1-tech due to his initial quickness off the line and power. Can play all 3 downs and would be a great piece next to Hargrave in our defense, with Autry and Stewart in the rotation as well.  


Round 2 Pick 44: WR Brandon Aiyuk – Arizona State

Fantastic vertical WR with YAC ability. Creates issues for DBs trying to defend him one-on-one. Runs sharp routes and can effectively track down the ball. Has shown ability as a dynamic return specialist. Struggles in press coverage but does a terrific job in space and on deep routes. A lot of speed on the field with Campbell, Hilton, and Aiyuk. 


Round 3 Pick 75: CB Cameron Dantzler – Mississippi State

Solid zone cornerback who works well on the outside. Good length at 6'2" but need to add more weight to his frame as he is 185 lb. Has pretty good ball skills when disrupting the pass but struggles at times on deep balls. His biggest issue is run defense and physicality in man-to-man. However, I think he has the length and flexibility to excel in the zone, and play a similar role as Desir in our defense, who will be 30 years old this season.   


Round 4 Pick 112: OT Trey Adams – Washington

Big OL at 6'8". Has great power at the point of attack and can push defenders out of the play. Durability and injuries are the main concerns and the reasons why he isn't projected to be a top prospect. He is a high risk, high reward type of prospect. He can develop into a solid starter on the OL after Castonzo is gone or if Bradem Smith replaces Glowinski at RG as long as the knee and back issues do not become a problem. 


Round 5 Pick 142: S Antoine Brooks Jr – Maryland

Versatile player who can play as a nickle LB, nickle CB, S, and ST. A great tackler and blitzer due to his high motor and stout build. Will struggle in deep pass coverage but is good in short-to-mid range coverage. Won't be a starter but will be great in sub packages and has a ST ace. 


Round 6 Pick 173: RB A.J. Dillon – Boston College

He is a bruiser at 250 lb. I like our running back group of Mack, Hines, and Wilkins, but we are missing a bigger back that we can use on shart yardage and goal-line situations. Doesn't have much athletic traits due to his size, but if he needs a yard, he will probably get that yard. 


Round 6 Pick 190: WR Binjimen Victor – Ohio State

Tall WR at 6'4". Has good ball skills and strong hands. Does a decent job after the catch and is a decent route runner. He needs to add more to his frame as he is 199 lb, which would help is struggles at being physical. 


Round 7 Pick 227: LB T.J. Brunson – South Carolina

Plays with tenacity and a very high motor. Known as a leader at South Carolina that energizes his team. He's smaller at 6'1" 219 lb and has average athleticism. He is rarely out of position and is a strong tackler. 


Money Spent on Draft Picks: Approximately $10,000,000

Cap Space Remaining: $8,057,470

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Great effort. And while I kind of doubt Ballard will spend this much money, we can still hope for another month or two. AC will be the key here IMO. It all starts with him. Lets hope we get good news soon. Otherwise - you've addressed most of our needs and have added a lot of talent to this roster. If we did something like this IMO we will have good enough roster to compete for the playoffs this coming year and depending on how Love develops maybe compete for superbowls down the road. 

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Great job.  I agree with a lot of people that getting AC to resign is the key.  We can afford to pay him as one of the top LT's like we say he is.  I'm hoping we get it done this week.  I personally think we will need to spend more to keep Funchess.  We wanted to give him a long term deal last year but he wanted the one year prove it deal.  Then the freak injury derailed his and our plans.  And now we don't have Luck.  I think he will be highly sought after by a number of contenders.  I hope he stays but I think Ballard might have his work cut out for him.  We can only hope.  

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Count me among those who would be pretty happy with this. Probably my favorite mock thus far. 


It starts with your Free Agency. It's not perfect. As others have already said I have my doubts we spend that much. You can tell Ballard wants to be frugal and have cap to extend contracts. Just look at our 2021 FA class and you will see what I mean. But I like who you chose and how it will impact our draft.


This is why I don't really do many mock drafts before FA. Free agency can often be about putting the team in the best position to enter the draft with options. The draft afterall is actually unpredictable at times. It helps to have contingencies. Hargrave, for example, does that. He's not only an upgrade up front, he may make passing on Kinlaw more viable. And if we pick Herbert or Love we don't have to suffer the potential drop off in DT talent come round 2. If our QB is gone, we could still grab Kinlaw and doubt down on our D-line, or we could take the BPA of a likely WR, OT, or pass rusher being there. Or we could even trade back, get another second, still get an impact player, maybe get someone like Fromm, Eason, or Gordon with one of our 2nd or 3rds.  Without Hargrave, if we miss out on Love, Herbert, Brown, AND Kinlaw, I'm feeling disappointed about our D-line potentially. I'm sure there are others who could surprise, but this is a nice example of how FA can influence a draft. 



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16 hours ago, colts52761 said:

Thought Hargrave was more likely to play NT instead of 3 tech?

He played NT in Pittsburgh due to their 3-4 scheme. Hargrave is 6'2" 305 lb and has good quickness off the line to rush the passer, so he would be suited as a 3-tech in our 4-3 defense.  Autry is our current 3 tech and runs a 5.07 40 time, which is actually slower than Hargrave's 4.93 40 time.  

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Thanks for the hard work on this thread. 

I like the first three draft picks. I can definitely see that happening.

The Colts need play makers and Love, Gallimore and Aiyuk would fill that need. I don't believe Adams will last until the 4th round though. Maybe the third round if his injury history continues to dog him past the combine etc. He'd be a great value in the 3rd round. 


I'd love to see Hargrave and Hooper as free agent pickups. Those two positions make sense in FA since the dline cannot get better by the draft alone IMO. The Colts also need an impact TE. 


All in all a fun and well thought out off season. 

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    • Polian let his son make more decisions on pulling the trigger on drafting, that cost both of them eventually.
    • Ballard has said from day one that wants to build a culture...and that has clearly been a focus in their evaluation process. It's a good thing...but are they putting too much emphasis on that one aspect that ultimately might have little to do with what happens on Sundays? Does the process weed out more talented players because of a perceived slightly better fit in the locker room? And does that "better fit" even matter?   It just seems like there would be plenty of hard-working college players that would fit a good locker room culture...and we have seen this throughout the NFL...as the vast majority don't seem to cause any issues. And how many teams actually have bad locker rooms? A few maybe...the teams that are losing and have bad coaching/management? Those teams start winning again...and those problems (mostly) go away. So is bad locker room culture really even that much of a prevalent issue?   And how does one prospect get a nod over another? What is the deciding factor if it's not talent? Just seems like some things could be missed with a process that places an importance on a possibly arbitrary aspect like how a player did at the Senior Bowl...or what type of background does this player have. I don't know...I would hope that Ballard and co. are constantly evaluating why they missed on a player or missed out on one.
    • He would probably need a change of scenery like Robby Anderson and actually, he might work out for a team like the Packers where all they need is a reliable #2 which he can be opposite DaVante Adams. If the Packers could go after Funchess and word is they wanted Fuller, they may not be able to afford Fuller in the off season and will settle for Corey Davis, IMO.
    • So any word on the mcl injury it’s almost 4pm
    • How do we know that?  Based upon being drafted on traits, can we say there has been much difference between Green and Benogu at this point?  I'll give you a third traitsy player drafted in the second round that did nothing, Jerry Hughes.  All that guy did in college was run around the college OT really fast to get to the QB.  Apparently Polian saw something that could be molded.  Never clicked until he got to Buffalo.  Hopefully, Ben turns into Hughes and not TJ Green.  As do Turay and Lewis.      But here's the deal that folks forget.  At that particular time, that spring, we didn't need a WR with AJ Brown's traits because we had just signed Funchess to start at $16M for one year.  We needed a slot, a WR with traits like Paris Campbell...and not even McLaurin, who was seen as similar to the Funchess/ Brown role.    It was the only point in time during the preceding three years that we did not need the traits that AJ Brown showed, because we had them secured on the roster under a one year contract.   Draft for need.  Look at traits. Seems like there is a little too much tunnel vision, or a narrow view to some of these decisions.  But that's just my view from a fans perspective.  
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