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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Bears Preseason Game Night Thread

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Hahhaha oops im on my phone, blame the autocorrect

I hate autocorrect

Last year I said we needed a certain ethnicity instead of a running back

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There goes Werner setting that edge



as much as i've talked him up that was on Sylvestre was way outta position left a huge hole in the middle bad mistake

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    • Correct.   i don’t think Luck is EVER coming back. Nor do I want him back nor should the team want him back. He left this team high and dry less than10 days before the start of the regular season. If I was an owner or a coach, I wouldn’t want him back unless there were some major stipulations added to his contract. Such as 100 percent reimbursement for all salaries paid from the time he was drafted if he were to retire again too close to the season. Put a cut off date around March 30th. Anything after that, he has to reimburse as stated above. Then and only then would I take him back
    • He's got plenty of money.   I think the only way he would come back is if he had the itch to play and thought he could win.   Maybe if Rivers and the Colts have a good season the chance at winning would be there.   Very doubtful that he ever plays again.   I'd give it a 10% chance.
    • You are reading it incorrectly.  He is saying that he said he was the first to say that Luck's injury (shoulder) was due to a snowboarding accident and everyone laughed at him.  He then says that he said, 3 weeks before Luck retired, that Luck was going to retire.  
    • Snowboarding is an expensive recreational activity - weed is costly.
    • Reich intends to pit the two against one another in what many would consider Vinatieri's specialty: high-stress situations. The Colts coach explained that he will do his best to fabricate those situations during and after practice. One can be sure that without the added test of preseason games, the kickers' performance during these high-stress situations will go a long way in determining who wins the competition.   “They'll get all of their normal routines," Reich said. "But as a team, we'll create more team atmosphere, team kicking drills that will be heightened and weighted more heavily in the kicking competition."  Though Reich didn’t submit a “favorite” to win the battle, McLaughlin surely has the leg up in that he’s a somewhat proven NFL commodity. Last season, the undrafted free agent performed admirably in what amounted to a four-game audition with the Colts after Vinatieri succumbed to injury. Arriving in Indianapolis in the high-pressure role of replacing the kicker many consider the greatest of all time, McLaughlin drilled 5-of-6 field goals and all 11 of his extra points in those games. His performance in Vinatieri’s stead earned him a one-year contract with the Colts immediately following the season.    Of course, the man they call “Hot Rod” brings an impressive resume to the battle as well. During four years at SEC powerhouse Georgia, Blankenship was a model of accuracy and consistency. He connected on all 200 of his extra points and finished his Bulldog career an 82.5% field goal kicker and the school’s all-time leading scorer.  For his efforts -- and to keep him away from other teams -- the Colts handed Blankenship a $20,000 signing bonus, a hefty number among undrafted free agents. Despite McLaughlin’s incumbent status, Blankenship’s price tag and Reich comments foretell would should be an equal and open competition for the job.    https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2020/07/29/colts-vinatieri-era-indy-seemingly-over-mclaughlin-blankenship-battle-job/5536851002/
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