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  1. I haven't seen any official confirmation of the move so don't know
  2. Tough game on the road with a banged up secondary, but its hard to pick against Luck if defense holds them below 30 we can win
  3. I agree the constant slow starts, and pathetic play calling early every week is on the coaching staff. Although,the complete lack of talent and depth on this roster is on Grigson.
  4. also really like Hayne think there would be an uproar if he got cut
  5. Sheldon Price and Junior Sylvestre have really impressed me this year as well as Tyler Varga those are the 3 I'm hoping for
  6. Defended him when he was signed never understood the bulk of the criticism against him except the bonehead headbutt but i've always liked him a solid player on the defense who does his job and does it well.
  7. would love him to make the roster nice to see udfa's make it
  8. Sheldon Price and Jalil Brown have both been very impressive to me this offseason this could give them both a chance to make the roster and help replace Toler while he's out can't do worse than Josh Gordy.
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