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    • Probably not washed up but definitely starting to decline which is expected.   He wants to finish his career in Indy so he may be open to taking a modest contract and becoming more of a mentor that is slowly phased out as other receivers develop.  I’m ok with this succession plan but I also would of been ok with trading him before this last draft to package with the Pittman pick to move up for a blue chip receiver. I wish our team would embrace trading players one year early to extract maximum value.  No clue what this would do for team moral so most likely wishful thinking. 
    • Nah.  Said 10 wins and stickin to it.  Not gonna freak out after a single crappy game.  As I recall, the Colts got destroyed by MJD and the Jags on the ground like a couple of months before they won the Superbowl.  Stuff happens.  I expect this team to right the ship.  If they haven't after week 4, then I'll change my mind.
    • I'm withholding complete judgement until after today's game. Here's why:   1. Week 1 against a divisional opponent: We all know that division games can be fairly close and even result in the "weaker" team winning simply because they are a division game. In addition, week 1 has always historically seen some pretty surprising games and upsets. Maybe this was the case with the Colts.   2. COVID: The lack of a "normal" offseason as well as a decent crop of new players on both sides of the ball means that there was going to be some growing pains.   3. Lack of Preseason: Ironically enough, I believe that this has shown that there still needs to be at least some preseason games given the amount of sloppy play we saw across the league despite a percentage of fans thinking that the preseason is a waste.   If the Colts come out and lose today, I'll be hitting the panic button along with many others I'm sure. But if they show improvement and get the win, I'll stick with my prediction of a playoff berth. Let's see what happens.
    • 10-6 was my "safe" pick. I went with gut, which I think was 12-4.    I still think we are capable of that. Coaching was the biggest issue last week IMO, and that can be fixed.   Today won't be easy, but our O should roll. The pass D is what concerns me most this afternoon. Our Charmin soft scheme and play calling can make Cousins look like Mahomes.
    • IMO predicting 9-7 is a decent prediction. I predicted 10-6 so I have a little more optimism than you do but that loss last week was shocking to me. I think to be on the path to at least 10-6, we have to win our next 2 games at worse.
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