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    • Another one of these? lol... so painful
    • The 'Rain Man' can be his new nick name. I love it  . He will eventually be good in this league. 
    • IMO, will come down to Jackson and Lindsay. None of the UDFAs impressed me. All had significant holes in their resume. 
    • Rainmann looking good in camp, is what I expect, I just believe Pryor has earned the job given how well he did last season. So long as Pryor doesn't look bad, I think he'll be starting, be it at LT or RG. My bet though is LT. Pryor was just super solid wherever he was starting last season. As long as his body is still right, I'm confident he'll be effective. Rainmann just has a lot to learn regardless of how he might flash.  see directly below.    Responding to the two directly above. I though a lot about that (above) should Pinter somehow fail to impress. Overall, he looked great playing center, and seemed to have fantastic vertical punch after the snap. Playing G though is different, but I love his chances. If we still had DeGuglielmo, I might expect more of a radical shakeup, and some musical chairs to start the season, but we have Strausser who hasn't shown to be near as aggressive in mixing things up. Strausser IMO was even super slow last season to insert guys like Pryor when Fisher was incredibly bad at times.    I agree Rainmann will be eased in, and Kelly might have the better chance at a week one start than Rainmann. But I don't think any of the scenarios are far fetched. And I think god-forbid early injury (anywhere) and/or the situation at RG could push different decisions.    But overall, I love the depth at T this season. Sooooo much better than years past. But I also hate iOL depth. If Pinter is starting, our depth at this point is only Fries and some of the other long shots we just picked up. And I'm not confident in Fries at all at this point.  see directly below. responding to both immediately above.   Davenport and Tevi both scared the heck out of me. Didn't like either at all. And I think most were of the same opinion, at least anyone that looked at both closely. Overall, Kelly is an obvious upgrade over both. Rainmann to me was a no-brainer where we drafted him, and should be at minimum good depth. So loving the Pryor-Kelly-Rainmann group. Perhaps no clear elite stud for starting LT, but it's likely a quality and solid threesome for both starter and depth.  His grading has been declining year after year since he extended. I don't see him anywhere near top 5. Not sure if the early injury plagued him all last year, but he was simply not good. He needs a strong season IMO or will be on the hot seat next year.  YUP. Both scared me...  It's going to be interesting. I think injury could force different shuffles. If RK for instance gets injured, you'd see Pinter likely move to C, then Pryor (or someone else) take RG, then Kelly or Rainmann at LT. God forbid Q go down, and without Glow and Reed, we'd see a total shuffle. 
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