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While good on paper, we need to know more about his scheme. Is he an excellent pass protector AS well as run-blocker? Is his head still in the game? A lot of intel will be needed on this big fellow. However, I'm sure the Colts will keep tabs as a transitional player. However, despite being cut, he will still command a decent penny if he drops his weight so all off-field concerns aside, too expensive for a maybe? (3 games) project at the most.

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hes a supposed whopping 400 lbs..thats 400!

i dont think we even question this move..im all for bringing guys in and competing but we dont want some1 who is blocking for our 90 mil qb to be lazy or not quick enough to handle a decent pass rusher..i say look somewhere else, hes just more of a name these days..

i say we stay put, use money for a cb, and see how the rooks do, but if we go w somebody, its gaither..more of a run blocker but good overall skills

really wish we coulda stole joseph from the bucs..that dude is a beast

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Ok so do we go and try to pick this guy up and hope that he can drop some weight quick? It might be a good way to transition to AC...thoughts?

For God sakes no! Look I like what Charlie Johnson did for the Colts and wish him well, but let's face it, if the Vikes chose Johnson over him, that is not a very good endorsement for McKinnie.

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Terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE idea!

Watch some Vikings games last year - it wasn't all Favre ..McKinnie became a TURNSTILE and painfully SLOW

He's fat, out of shape and a clear downgrade from Charlie Johnson ...no thanks!

Agreed....if he played LT in the Vikings vs Saints playoff game 2 years ago...then heck no.

Favre got murdered in that game, which I rather enjoyed, but I sure as heck wouldn't want McKinnie at LT for the Colts if he sucks that badly.

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