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  1. San Fransisco: They have the cap to sign Manning, Wayne and possibly Garcon and Saturday.
  2. Let me say this first: Peyton is the reason I started watching and fell in love with football. At the same time, I can't stand to think of him playing anywhere else, even if it is for the Jets, in the city that I live. If I'm Peyton, I'm willing to restructure my contract down to 15 mil a year and here's why: - Irsay and Polian built an entire team around him. Few quarterbacks ever get it and none get it to the degree that Peyton has. - Indianapolis, I assume as a New Yorker from what I've read, has been great to him and will forever be great to him. - Peyton has a ton of money and makes
  3. Our own Dwight Freeney has said it takes tackles 4 or 5 years to become the best they can be so while I'm not incredibly impressed with Castonzo's year, it's not bad for a rookie left tackle. I don't particularly believe in numbers, especially sacks allowed considering if Peyton were playing, 75% of all our sacks would be gone.
  4. In no particular order: -Going 0-13 in any year, by any coach in any organization is unacceptable let alone an organization with a culture of winning like the Colts. 14-0 was impressive but did anyone think it was Caldwell's expertise and not Dungy's residue and Peyton's genius that did that? -His early success was driven by the machine built by the Polians and Tony Dungy. As much heat as there is under the Polians right now, they did deliver a Super Bowl with Dungy at the reins and Caldwell's success was largely based on that. For all the Gruden haters out there who are Pro-Caldwell: How c
  5. Chill out everyone. Original Poster is clearly a TROLLLLLLLLLOLOLOLOLOLOL
  6. Assuming Peyton Manning is 100% and bearing in mind I have ZERO qualifications outside of football addiction and tons of free time to do this. Notable Re-Signings/Re-Structures/Trades: Unmentioned are released Peyton Manning – Needs restructuring. Irsay gave Manning more money than he demanded and Peyton has shown he’s willing to restructure to benefit the team. Manning needs to take a big paycut if he wants to see Wayne and Garcon BOTH return. I'd like to see him re-work his contract to at the very least match Brady's cap hit, which is significantly smaller, although everyone knows how much
  7. Peyton Manning and Jim Caldwell are good friends outside of football. Read an article saying Jim was one of the few people invited to Peyton's kids' baptizing or some other non-football thing. I'm sure it's not inaccurate to say Peyton wants Jim around for one reason or another but I don't think Peyton in his football heart wants Jim to stay as head coach
  8. If we we 3 straight at the tail end of this dismal season, I'll be really impressed. My respect for Jim will go up for sure but this guy still needs to get fired 0-16, 1-15, 2-14, 3-13 regardless. I don't know about you guys but despite the terrible personnel decisions recently, I still have a lot of respect for the Polians and I have faith they can right this team with a 100% Peyton but keeping Caldwell would be a big hint, to me at least, that they're going to the wrong way.
  9. Why Jeff Fisher/A New Head Coach (Assuming Peyton returns): 1. Mediocre or not, Jeff Fisher is a huge upgrade from Jim Caldwell. .500 in the NFL for Fisher, under .500 in the NCAA for Caldwell. While I don't blame Caldwell for this season being over, I do blame Caldwell for being winless. 2. Fisher or not, coaches need to change. Coyer's gone, great. Clyde can stay because the offense is on Peyton more than anyone else. There's no confidence in the coaching on defense so Coyer's gone. If there's no confidence in Caldwell, Caldwell should be gone and I really don't think there's a lot of
  10. Throwing games to get better draft picks isn't particularly appealing especially if you believe any or, realistically, most teams have a "shot" at the Superbowl because you never what will happen. In all but the worst team's cases, this is true. The other winless teams I can't really explain, except for Miami who is terrible and I suppose St. Louis has had more injuries than we've had but onto my point. Here's the potential difference between having the number 1 pick and the number 2 pick: 2012 Number 1 Overall: -Ability to draft Andrew Luck; Manning has 4 years left, would be a little long
  11. I'm one miserable loss away from making a twitter just to tweet "Fire Jim Caldwell" to Jim Irsay
  12. I'd like to look at it as simply as Caldwell is a bad head coach and the loyalties are stretched too far but the truth is something's amiss. Here's some possibilities but they all ultimately go back to Caldwell not doing his job: 1. Caldwell is simply a terrible head coach and needs to be fired. 2. The Polians are doing chunks of Caldwell's job because they have little faith in him. 3. Peyton was/is doing a part of Caldwell's job. Whatever it is, Caldwell clearly doesn't have the same authority, respect and power that successful head coaches do. If he's simply bad, fire him. If Peyton, the
  13. Getting back on track for next year's offseason to what Jason wrote about drafting, I'd keep drafting offensive lineman. Assuming Manning makes a full recovery and only has 3 or 4 years most left in his career, I'd be signing the best linemen out of the draft and FA possible to make sure he takes minimal hits and is able to run the full offense. Anyone see the Pats game last night? At one point Brady was in the pocket for over 6 seconds before he decided to throw and even then he could've held onto it for another 6 seconds easy. Result? 500+ yards and 4 touchdowns.
  14. For people thinking I threw the season out based on Week 1, the reality is I decided the season would be gone if Manning didn't come back. For a team who's offense and defense is built around having an elite quarterback who can destroy defenses, the reality is we're not going to win enough games to make the playoffs. This post wasn't even directed towards what I think is going to be a dismal season. Whether or not you ACTUALLY believe we have a Superbowl shot shouldn't matter in this post. This post is geared towards the difficulties that lie ahead in the next off season, although I can im
  15. Personally, I think the season's done. Manning's projected to be back, assuming the surgery is successful, in 2 months but by then I think we're out of the playoffs, so looking ahead to next year, there are some scary things ahead and my confidence, as well as many other fans', in the front office is starting to wane: 1. Aging players who are slowly getting worse: Freeney, Mathis, Wayne, Saturday, Diem, Brackett are the big names that come to mind. I'm not too worried about this point since it seems there's a large emphasis on slowly but it is a concern. 2. Free Agents: Garcon, Collie, Wayn
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