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  1. I hope for your sake it was sarcasm ;). For anyone who believes that, it is the most common lie in all of sports. African American WR's have no competitive advantage physically over white players... whatsoever. Yes, their muscle defintion is absolutely better depending on genetics, but the differences really stop near that (there are a few other minor differences). I don't really blame people because we're taught as a society to believe it, but it is all a mind game. Information taken from a study compiled for over 30+ years from Dr. Gary Sailes at IU, Doctorate in African American Studies.
  2. You just got a shout out on Sports Center ;). Sorry I haven't been on since this past Summer, and what a terrible way to come back. This is going to be a tough, yet bittersweet end to an era. We're rebuilding and starting a new era... we now have a little cash to maybe throw at a Mario Williams/ Marques Colston to make us all feel a bit better. Sad to lose The Sherrif, our captain, a hero, but he's still our #18. Best wishes Peyton.
  3. Ha! Well played Great post and great advice overall! Been hard to come back sometimes this season because of it.
  4. "Is the yellow line on the field real? Oh, it is! Okay guys... go run for that! Score more than the other guys! Win, Win, Win!" Atleast it would be entertaining.
  5. I thought the defense played inspired and fired up. Hard to not give up a constant 3rd down conversion when your corners are told to play 10 off and your MLB turns his back and runs like a centerfielder. Coaching.
  6. Did I say something to offend you? Was not intentional. I'm nowhere near a PhD, but the graduation rates say it all. Just a fan of football players who take the, "Student Athlete", seriously. And yes, I've spent a large amount of time around it, so of course I'm allowed to atleast voice an opinion on a forum. Again, apologies for offending you.
  7. Ha @ this topic. Anyone with intelligence wouldn't go to an SEC school because they are more than a, "Fa-fa-fa-football playaaa", and can spell Cat. I'm not saying that they don't produce talent, but why do you think Andrew Luck has never had any talented receivers at Stanford? Have you heard some college football players speak in public? Spend less time having someone do your work and focus on your undergraduate speech and english intro classes.
  8. "They're stacking the right side of the box every (explitive) time Clyde, come on" would be what you were referring too. There was more said, followed by the glare of death. Basically, Peyton said thank god I'm smarter than you because I'd audible your* garbage calls... thankfully I'm the Head Coach.
  9. They are both good, however, Nevis hasn't played in weeks.
  10. Indeed, Yes, there are a few former/current players that still read the board. Obviously, will not name names nor should anyone else as that is just kind of rude. Players are human also ;)
  11. Not a chance. Reggie still is not a lock, he needs to finish his career on the same tear he has been on in order to make it eventually. Dwight is still on pace to be if not a 1st Ballot, soon after. Two men cannot lift a team from the depths of obscurity. Reggie cannot throw to himself and buy time with the line; we all see Reggie get open constantly. As for Dwight, when your three monster DT's haven't played in a few games, you constantly get chipped and doubled because Muir doesn't exactly strike the fear of god. That being said... if they visibly "give up" this year, more so than last night
  12. People are always wrong atleast once in their life; no one is perfect. Some of our forum members seem to think that. As for Curtis and comments on, "We're 0-4 in those games; Curtis is 0-4"... Yes, so is Patty Mac, and Adam V., but they, they should take the burden also right? He has made some very bad throws and reads (there were a few today that should have went the otherway). However, he has done MORE than enough to win everygame. He did not tell Dallas or Pierre to fumble... leading to 14 points for the other team and the difference in the game. He also didn't tell the defense to stop play
  13. How about we just bring back Dungy (which I don't think is as farfetched as some think... Eric is at Oregon now, he left to see his last high-school years), let go of Coyer... and take away Clyde's playcalling duties. I cannot sleep with the fact we threw on 3rd and inches. I don't care if it is just Delone vs 11. If you cannot pick up inches on 3rd, you should pack up and go home. If you cannot do it yet AGAIN on 4th, you should forfeit the season. That was inexcusable. The one credit I give him is the creative screens to Wayne/Garcon. Normally, this are horrid like last year and result in no
  14. Couldn't agree more. We'll be fine in the DT department... most of the injuries seem to be rest related. However, I do not see Peyton coming back this year and nor should he UNLESS he can play the last few games and give us a reason to think he's got 3-4 years and use our high draft pick on someone else. That said, he has a 1 year minimum full recovery time, our team will not make the playoffs, Peyton needs to rest this year. IR tomorrow would be grand.
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