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Scouting Profile: Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri/Oklahmoa

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Games watched: vs Auburn, vs Indiana, vs Kentucky


The Good: 


First thing you'll notice is DGB's huge frame. 6'6 215 lbs. 


Surprisingly agile for a WR his size. Can break tackles. Able to create YAC. 

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253974&gif=InbornEverlastingKinkajou

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=254699&gif=ApprehensiveNeedyLarva

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=247929&gif=OccasionalAgitatedAustraliankelpie

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=247929&gif=FrayedLoathsomeLamb


Can go up and attack the ball in the air. Crazy ability to high-point the ball when he wants to. 

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253974&gif=JoyousSoulfulConch

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=247929&gif=RichAjarAss


Amazing long-speed. Beats DBs deep with those long-strides. Fluid runner. 

Hand-fights with DBs down the field. 
Is going to be able to out-leap whatever defender is put across from him. 
He'll be a huge redzone threat in the pros. Look at him beat this corner off of nothing but his size. (Btw, If i was #21 on Kentucky, I would retire immediately following this game)
Good concentration to make difficult catches
The Bad: 
Doesn't always go up and high-point the ball. I know he scored a TD on this play, but you'd like to see him attack the ball instead of letting it come to him:
Not as powerful as you would think given his size. Can get out-muscled in press by smaller corners.
Not a great run blocker. 
Lines up exclusively on the offensive left. Like I said in another thread, more of a function of offense, but history of versatility is a plus. 
Would like to see better body control. Sometimes, he'll overrun the ball and doesn't have the ability to stop his momentum. 
The Ugly: 
Big list of off the field issues. 2 drug related charges and an alleged assault where he pushed an 18 year old girl down the stairs. Was dismissed by Missouri. 
Didn't run many routes in the games I watched. just GOs, slants, hitches and screens. 
No doubt that DGB is a talented, yet not polished wide-out. If he didn't have a history of off the field issues he's probably be the concensus #1 WR on most people's boards. I know some people are projecting him as a 1st rounder, but with his off the field issues, I have a hard time seeing him going before the 4th round; Especially with Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon fresh in people's minds. I wish DB had more games for him. I feel like I probably watched the 3 best games of his career, and might have a slighted view from that. 
Projected Round: 4th
NFL Comp: Less polished AJ Green
Up next: Devin Funchess, WR/TE, Michigan
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He does interest me. If Dustin's 4th round prediction holds true then I'd be thrilled to get him late in the 3rd.

Much like Dez, he will be heavily scrutinized and meticulously questioned during the interview process. I think his combine/pro-day will be off the charts.

Is he eligible to attend the NFL combine?

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I think DGB is the biggest unknown/hardest to project in this class. I've seen mocks where he goes top 20, I've seen some analysts say he goes undrafted. I haven't seen much of a unanimous agreement on where he projects to go in the draft

Ive seen analysts with colts taking him first round

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