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  1. One team in nfl history just furthers my idea of it never turning out good..
  2. Never turns out good firing any coach midseason.
  3. Chuck seems to be putting everything his shoulders.. kinda seems like he's ready to get out.. never seen a coach repeatedly blame his self over and over, no matter what questions he's asked
  4. Liability.. his holding and p.i calls happen every week. Always in awful circumstances. But I do feel for him though, for some reason he gets lined against the opposing teams #1. If vontae would actually follow receivers it would help toler greatly. Every team knows vontae only plays one side so they just put their worst receiver on him.. which allows toler to get burned repeatedly. Instead of making adjustments, we continue to do the same thing over and over.
  5. Play call would have been fine if it wasn't on our own 30 yard line.. at minimum the 50 yard.
  6. I don't think so. I think the success we have had these past couple years is because of the regime. I personally think that if we fired everyone, we'll end up in rebuild mode and regress greatly. It's just the things like playing nicks over monchreif(last year), playing trich lol.. playing johnson over Dorsett. Continuing to run the same unsuccessful plays week in and week out. Not learning for mistakes.
  7. Yeah he didn't do his normal "kill, kill, kill" at all from what I can remember. All "let it roll" lol.. he's not much into calling audibles. Trust his o.c to be giving him correct plays.
  8. It's ludicrous that the coaches really thought we had a chance to "surprise" Belichick and his team. I am far away from a patriots fan. But you really think we we're gonna surprise arguably the greatest coach of a time? Specially after we ran a fake punt a couple weeks ago, and the onside kick last year. Belichick and his team we're just waiting for us to that. Predictable in every way.
  9. Pep is calling these plays that take way to long to develop. Specially with the way the oline is. Andrew should not be taking 7 step drop backs. Hasselback had great success because of short intermediate passes. When Andrew plays, pep trys for the home run every passing play.. no reason should all of our wide outs be 25 yards down field every play. What happen to quick slants. Short crossing routes, screen plays,and short post routes. We're trying to use andre as a home run threat. He shouldn't be running go routes down the side line. He's nothing more than a short possession receiver like how we used Reggie his last few years here. I don't think firing anyone is gonna help but the stubbornness with the coaches has got to end. We continue to do the same stuff over and over expecting a different outcome.
  10. If sherman and davis had to cover the best WR week in and week out, you would label them as over rated too.. they play sub par receivers which boost their stats.. vontae plays 6 games a year in which teams have the worst qbs in the league.. wonder why he has the lowest completion rating?
  11. Vontae wont get recognized til he starts covering the best wide out.. haden , peterson and revis do what the best are spose to do.. Sherman get recognized for his amazing hands, which leads to big plays.. vontae just doesnt make plays.. you guys just repeat that hit on bernard over n over.. most nfl fans only see highlights.. and sadly vontae is never on the highlight reels
  12. You were justifying the pick.. saying the front office thought dorsett was the GOAT.. which is why the picked him instead if a average DT.. all i said was i think its hilarious if the front office really thinks a 5'9 1/2 WR will GOAT
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