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Who the Experts Predicted for the Colts

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First, this is from the front page of the website.


Second,   I don't think this is all inclusive.    I don't know which analysts were or weren't included?   There's been a flood of mocks these last 24-48 hours, and I don't know how many of those were included?


But there are names that I know have been mocked and I don't see them on this list for whatever reason.


It's an interesting and very easy read....   



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This kind of highlights the idea that there is no "board." I mean, every team always has their own board/rankings, but especially this year. Some teams have entirely removed players who opted out, or downgraded them significantly. Some teams are removing guys for incomplete medical. And you'll have guys who are probably consensus 50-75 guys who go in the first round. Gonna be crazy...


Edit: Turner played for Houston, so possible Ballard link there also.




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1 hour ago, BProland85 said:

If we go OT round 1, I really want Darrisaw. If he is gone, I would rather trade down, get extra picks, and take the best player available, preferably at DE, CB, or DT Christian Barmore. 

Barmore is a possibility nobody seems to be mentioning. Interior pass rush from DB and Barmore would flush QBs out of the pocket ,help outside pass rush and cornerbacks.

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2 hours ago, cdgacoltsfan said:

Barmore is a possibility nobody seems to be mentioning. Interior pass rush from DB and Barmore would flush QBs out of the pocket ,help outside pass rush and cornerbacks.

What I’ve been saying for awhile now :)

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    • If we win out (11 – 6), we still need help: Titans lose 3 games (we win division) or three of the following happen (we are a wild-card): 1. Bills lose 2 games or NE loses 1 other game. 2. Ravens lose 4 games or Bengals lose 3 games. 3. Raiders lose another game 4. Chargers lose 2 games 5. Broncos lose 2 games.      
    • I'm still trying to figure out the story about AB and the girlfriend in the story!
    • but the fact they still ran it 30 times shows they maintained balance throughout the game, which is all we've been asking frank to do.  they didn't go almost a quarter and a half without a rushing attempt.  they kept the bucs defense honest and prevented their pass rush from just pinning their ears back and going after the QB.   and the 30 rushing attempts did more to wear down the Bucs Defense than if they'd gone all out pass
    • that's a really cherry picked, "but what if..." lol.  quite a reach to try to keep defending your position.   I mean...agree to disgree I guess but anyone who's watched even a decent amount of football should know that going all out pass, no rushing at all, makes the team more susceptible to sacks and turnovers.  
    • Our defense hasn’t been great this year but football is symbiotic. The offense, defense, and special teams all have to compliment each other.  Last game the offense & special teams kept turning the ball over.  Sure the defense has to get some stops after those turnovers but the other 2 phases also have to stop turning it over.  I also remember our D stopping Brady 3 & out when we were down 4 to keep us in the game.  Then muffed punt.  Then they still went right back out and held the Bucs to 3 on a short field when a TD would’ve probably ended the game.  They gave our offense another chance to get their shot together. And they finally did by giving the ball to our MVP.     And remember the offense’s job is to score points not just to get yards (yes all the yards from those however many straight 2nd half passes were irrelevant because we never scored on those drives).  Only turnovers and a punt.  Seems like people are quick to make excuses and give passes to our HC, QB, and offense and lump all the blame on the defense.  We can all agree that with the injuries to our secondary, our offense is our better unit this year.  I expect more out of them.  From what I’ve seen, our O’s lack of execution & play calling have cost us more games than our defense this year.  Our margin for error is too thin for our best unit (Offense) to not carry the team most games.  That’s why all 3 phases have to be complimentary.     Our identity is a team with a dominant rushing attack, clutch QB play, and an opportunistic defense that creates turnovers.  We stick to that formula and we’re a playoff team that no one wants to face.  We stray from it and we’re a mediocre team that finds more ways to lose against our tougher competition than to win.
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