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Rank QB's Worst to First. Forget statistics, just let's see where we all agree/disagree from a pure spectator standpoint.


32)  Chargers QB (?)

31) Mitchell Trubisky (Chi)

30) Dewayne Haskins (Wash)

29) Cam Newton (NE)

28) Drew Lock (DEN)

27) Ryan Fitzpatrick (Miami)

26) Joe Burrow (Cin) (Rook)

25) Teddy Bridgewater (Caro)

24) Garner Minshew (Jax)

23) Sam Darnold (NYJ)

22) Derrick Carr (LV)

21) Ryan Tannehill (Tenn)

20) Daniel Jones (NYG)

19) Jimmy Garapolo (SF)

18) Baker Mayfield (Cleve)

17) Carson Wentz (Philly)

16) Josh Allen (Buff)

15) Kirk Cousins (Minn)

14) Jared Goff (LAR)

13) Phillip Rivers (Colts)

12) Ben Rothlisberger (Pitt)

11) Matthew Stafford (Det)

10) Matt Ryan (ATL)

9) Deshaun Watson (Hou)

8) Kyler Murray (AZ)

7) Dakk Prescot

6) Tom Brady (TB)

5) Drew Brees (NO)

4) Russell Wilson (SEA)

3) Aaron Rodgers (GB)

2) Lamar Jackson (Balt)

1) Patrick Mahomes





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