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So If We Sign Jim Popp, The Trifecta Of "jim" Shall Be Complete


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Jim Irsay

Jim Popp

Jim Caldwell

I'd rather we sign Jim Harbaugh, or even Jim Zorn, over Jim Caldwell, but Jim Caldwell will have to suffice. Let's also resign Jim Sorgi at QB and change David Caldwell's first name to Jim.

Another way to look at this is if we hire David Caldwell (the Falcons front office guy) we'll have three Caldwells and two David Caldwells...

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I am intrigued by Jim Popp. If you haven't do a Google search on him. He's got world class success and credentials in the CFL. He obviously has great management skills and by his record appears to be very capable of piecing together a winning team. He's even been sought after by NFL teams in the past.

The biggest question about Popp is this...can he transition from the CFL to the NFL? Certainly there would be a learning curve, but how steep would it be?

Anyone who can shed some insight on his would be helpful. I'm not looking for critiques on Popp himself, but on the ability for one to make the transition between CFL GM to NFL GM.

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