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  1. He also graded out almost 23 points ahead of tevi
  2. Leno graded out better than castonzo last year. While playing almost 400 more snaps. He would be a decent stop gap and much better than Tevi
  3. Also his overall pff grade is one percentage point better than castonzo for last year
  4. Fyi the lions didn't get a kinds random for stafford. They got a 1st and 3rd for him. That second 1st rounder is the price the rams paid the lions to take on Goff's enormous contract.
  5. Like it or not the guy on twitter that first started rumblings of luck coming back, even before those supposed texts, has had information before everyone else on luck before. He was the first to say luck was going to retire and also the first to say luck injured his shoulder snowboarding. The guy hasn't been wrong yet...
  6. No way those are the best. Imo fields will bust like every ohio state qb does
  7. I wouldn't trade a bag of Doritos for Justin fields
  8. He is 2nd to only donald in DT stats. How Defo didn't make it is a crime
  9. Colts only have three players going to the pro bowl. Nelson, Kelly and Leonard.
  10. He has certainly made this a pretty good defense. But they're no long top 5 I don't think. And they've allowed 300 yard passers in like 5 out of the last 6 games
  11. Beating someone they should. I wouldn't say this was a pushover game. They were 1 game behind us and still in the hunt
  12. The dumb announcers saying JT has struggled with ball security on his TD run. Dude only has one fumble on the year
  13. Eichenberg hasn't given up a sack since week 5 of 2018
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