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  1. CantBeStopped

    New England (+3) at Kansas City (1-20-19)

    We need to pay Trey Flowers
  2. CantBeStopped

    As much as I love Vinny....

    Chicago didnt lose because of parkey. Chicago lost because their offense managed to score only 6 points. Nagys game plan looked about as terrible as an Andy Reid playoff game plan. Plus the kick as been officially ruled a block
  3. CantBeStopped

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    I'm pretty sure I was that colts fan
  4. CantBeStopped

    Andrew Lucks biggest fan on the planet ?

    Idk guys chiefs fans are talking about the big decline of luck and how mahomes is far superior
  5. CantBeStopped

    We're coming KC!!!!!!

    Man just read thru 12 pages of nonsense on chiefsplanet. We shouldn't even show up on Saturday. We stand no chance at beating them
  6. CantBeStopped

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Thank you guys!
  7. CantBeStopped

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Thank you!
  8. CantBeStopped

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    Its Gameday! And I just got engaged last night! Now let's pick up this W today and make my weekend complete!
  9. CantBeStopped

    Luck doesn’t have to play hero anymore

    I just think it was a bad read by luck. We were up 14. I dont think he was trying to be a hero. But jmo
  10. CantBeStopped

    Vote for Leonard as the Pepsi Rookie of the Year

    Only defender yet some people think Derwin James had a better year
  11. CantBeStopped

    Browns have sent request to interview Eberflus

    That guy is a disgrace to the league and shouldn't even be allowed to coach
  12. CantBeStopped

    Interesting OL stat

    My stat of the day. Luck is 11-1 all time against top 5 scoring defenses. Tennessee sits at number 2
  13. CantBeStopped

    Pro Bowl Selections/Snubs (Merge)

    Leonard is weak side not middle
  14. CantBeStopped

    Skip Clueless Prescot > Luck

    Same guy that had rg3 above luck
  15. CantBeStopped

    Where are you at with the Colts?

    Baltimore has 2 more losses coming. Against Kc and chargers