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  1. Good riddance. Now get rid of brisket
  2. He was our second best depth lineman. We already lost the first. I'd say it's a pretty decent deal. Maybe not a big one
  3. Pretty funny how the man put up almost a record year here and this is how fans treat him. Pathetic if you ask me. If take him and 62 drops a year over Doyle. At least the guy was a playmaker. He declined when captain can't read a defense took over
  4. Both are game managers. And doesn't matter how much arm strength brissett has. He won't throw it down field
  5. I like the desir cut myself. I don't think he's all that great as well
  6. So you wanna replace brissett with a younger brissett?!
  7. Floyd gets pushed over when the wind blows to hard
  8. He just has such a dislike for Love for no apparent reason.
  9. I could be wrong I just don't see him going anywhere this year.
  10. He could but on what grounds. Because he doesn't want a back up? They're not bringing Mariota in to start. He also doesn't seem like the type to do that
  11. Hard to throw ints when your throwing the ball into the dirt
  12. Unfortunately for him it's not really his choice. He's under contract. He would just have to deal with it. Plus if he's confident with himself he shouldn't be worried
  13. I don't think they trade carr with Mariota as the only veteran QB left on the team
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