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  1. I'm keeping blank. Unless he just absolutely sucks it up in camp. He's a rookie who was the best kicker in college. We know McLaughlin is an ok kicker. But is he the one we can have around for 10+ years. The last time we got rid of a kicker for the guy already on the team he ended up in LA making some pretty dang good kicks for the chargers
  2. Imo he's already better than brackett. Brackett was a bit over hyped by us colts fans. He was part of some of the worst run defenses in league history. More times than not he was getting run over by rbs
  3. And Doyle is average no matter if is JB or Joe Montana. In 7 season he has 18 TDS. In 6 seasons ebron has 27
  4. I agree with you OP. People on here overhype Doyle far too much. Ebron would have been back to 2018 form with a competent QB throwing him the ball in Rivers. Doyle is the TE version of JB
  5. This pick is the end of mack. He will play out his contract this year and then we will move on. As long as Taylor lives up to the hype. There's no way we will pay mack big money if he Taylor does
  6. Cbs grades this pick an A. Had he not got hurt he could have been late first early second
  7. Had a good first year in chicago. Garbage last year when he was healthy
  8. Heck I wouldn't touch him after that wonderlic score. What good/great QB scored that low on the wonderlic. Even Vick scored a 20 on it.
  9. No way Tampa makes it to the SB. I'd say NE has better odds than tampa. Brady won't be in the playoffs this year
  10. Good riddance. Now get rid of brisket
  11. He was our second best depth lineman. We already lost the first. I'd say it's a pretty decent deal. Maybe not a big one
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