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  1. Nah he has a trash QB throwing the ball to him
  2. So we're going to let one of our best play makers in Ebron, walk. Sound like an excellent move. No offense to jack he's a good player but he is not the playmaker that Ebron is. Say what you want about him but he can't throw the ball to himself. The only thing that changed was his QB.
  3. Your ok letting our most talented TE go?
  4. That was not a drop. Brissett threw a terrible pass. Hopkins wouldn't have caught it
  5. Stopped reading after Ebron needs to go. He's out most talented TE
  6. Yea I was waiting for someone to call that a drop. It showed the massive incompetence of our QB1
  7. What game did you watch? Ebron didn't drop a single ball
  8. The team with the best overall division record
  9. Please. If you think he's more than the game managers he's shown us your being blinded by your blue colored glasses
  10. He's not going to be back he broke his hand
  11. What ceiling? Jacoby has hit his ceiling. We know what he is and what he isnt
  12. How Rudolph didn't get a suspension as well is ridiculous
  13. Why would he need to clear waivers. He's under contract still
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