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  1. Did I blame either side in this? No. Why you're trying to pin this on someone I don't know, but there's no reason to try and blame someone or put someone in a negative light for this.
  2. I think people are missing some context here. He/his agent held out for a better deal, the colts pulled the offer and started planning around him not returning. There's nothing he can do about that. Doesn't make sense for him or his agent try and just wait and see if the Colts will change their mind and decide to give him an offer again. If the Colts moved on, Jerrell has to do the same if he wants to get paid. Saying "We offered him the same deal and he left for the Bears" misses what the situation really was. Colts offered, Freeman and his agent held out, Colts pulled offer and both sides mo
  3. Ok then. That gag order was back in 2002, it was breached by Manning and they reached a settlement for that. Gag orders do not last that long (except in really rare cases).
  4. Well if that's the case, we'll let him and everyone else who have allegations against them just opt out of talking about them and act like they never happened.
  5. Doing your job in a professional way to give someone a chance to say their piece on allegations against them is looking "like an *". Got it. Guess Manning shouldn't get to say anything and everyone in the press should have acted like the topic never existed. Everyone put your blinders on.
  6. Just because it's a topic you might not be comfortable with, doesn't mean he shouldn't be able to say his piece on the subject. She did her job and asked a question that gave him a chance to say his piece on the matter. It's not rude, it's not disrespectful and she asked it in a professional manner. He answered and they all moved on from the topic. They all handled it well. "First of all, this is a joyous day and nothing can overtake from this day. I think it is sad that some people don't understand the truth and the facts. I did not do what has been alleged, and I am not interested i
  7. Here's to hoping he can stay healthy and perform as well as he's shown he can at times.
  8. Glad she asked it, she's right. He needed to address it and I'm glad he at least somewhat took it seriously with his response. At least he didn't blow it off.
  9. What in the world? Good grief man, take a minute to realize what you just said and how horrible that sounds.
  10. You want it left alone? Then don't bring it up. You brought it up so it's here whether you want it to be or not. If you still didn't see it or somehow don't get it, there's plenty of pictures show he actually did "show class in defeat" to Manning. If you want more from him in showing class then that's on you, but don't act like he didn't show class in defeat. You and others really need to drop this "X player would have dove for that fumble" nonsense like you know every thing. Just like every other person on this planet you don't know that. If you want to assume Luck would have and say
  11. What exactly makes you so certain this is the case? Did you go to some alternate universe and see a version of the game where he fumbled and then dove for it? This is some real weird caping up for Manning.
  12. Well since you said so, it must be law now.
  13. We're really comparing Cam Newton to the General of the Confederate Army when it comes to being a leader and showing class...Ok then.
  14. Ok, you got to cape up for Andrew Luck. Congratulations. Now what exactly does that have to do with this press conference and how Cam behaved during it?
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