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  1. Like Quenton Nelson. That guy’s pretty good; if you like 6’5”, 330 pound guards, mauler, pancake aficionado.
  2. It's too bad that NFL G-league busted out last year because the Jags would be a solid .500 team if they played in it. What an absolute joke. Urban Meyer will 'retire' in two years because of 'health concerns' and in four years he'll be the head coach at LSU or some crap.
  3. He is pretty much my dream pick at 21 but I don't see any chance he falls that far unless a video surfaces of him hitting a bong through a gas mask.
  4. Cosmi if those are my options but I’m firmly in team trade down. I like Radunz and would like to get him bottom of the first and gain an extra pick since we’re a little short on picks and are pretty much barren on the edge.
  5. I’m glad we didn’t go the trade up route because the only guy I’d have wanted is Wilson and that would have cost a stupid amount. Free agency would have most likely played out a lot different and I think we’d have seen a serious offer at Trent Williams and some receiving threats. Defense would have been an even more band aid unit than it’s looking as it is.
  6. Let’s not overthink this guys. He’s not being brought in to be our starting LT, he’s a camp body who will hopefully get beaten out by Holden who showed some promise in his limited action.
  7. I want to see Ballard make a few moves and I’m still confident he will, but the Titans signing Bud Dupree to such a stupidly high deal is a net win for us.
  8. First of all, I'd like to give a thousand props to @stitches and @Caleb3502 for their excellent mocks that I would love to see play out in the coming weeks. I usually do mine a few weeks earlier and a hell of a lot more college scouting than I did this year, but life has prevented that. Like stitches, I am using thedraftnetwork, spotrac, and overthecap, as well as the pff big board as a guide for cap projectinos/contract projections and to see where others have guys rated. CAP SPACE - $48.9M RESTRUCTURE Ryan Kelly - saves $7M Grover Stewart - saves $3M
  9. McGlinchey would PROBABLY be a decent left tackle.....notice two key words; “probably” and “decent”. He has not played LT in several years, since college, and on the right side he has been decent. I would say not quite to the level that our own, less heralded right tackle has played but fairly close. Trading for Buckner, an absolute stud at what Ballard seems to consider the most important position on the defense was far more prudent than taking a gamble on an above average right tackle that we’d be asking to move to the other side. I would much rather bring in some cheap camp compet
  10. 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Zach Wilson 3. Jamar Chase 4. Penei Sewell 5. Jalen Waddle 6. Kyle Pitts 7. Devanta Smith 8. Caleb Farley 9. Justin Fields 10. Rashawn Slater 11. Micah Parsons 12. Patrick Surtain Jr 13. Kwity Paye 14. Christian Darrisaw 15. Trevon Moehrig 16. Jaycee Horn 17. Jaelen Phillips 18. Christian Barmore 19. Rashod Bateman 20. Rondale Moore
  11. I look at McGlinchey the same way I do Orlando Brown. Neither would be cheap in draft capital, very soon after they arrive we would have to pay them a lot of money, and neither has played LT at the pro level. I think McGlinchey could do it but is that a worthy gamble based on how much it’s going to cost? I’d much rather bring in a cheapish vet, work to develop Holden, and draft one on day one or two.
  12. Big Sexy Q is my vote but Nyheim seems like an awesome dude. I like him as a player but he’s a real great locker room personality and I’m not sure it gets brought up much here.
  13. Landing Watt would make Autry redundant. AQM would be a higher priority for me anyway but maybe he’s overvalued himself.
  14. I am not offended. Watson is elite, Lawrence is the best QB prospect in a generation, and Tannehill has finally lived up to his draft status as a first rounder with Tennessee. Our guy was just traded away because he played like hot garbage last year. Still, that’s where we are now but the offseason hasn’t even begun yet. Let’s see where we are this time next year when Watson appears to be completely tapped out in Houston and Lawrence has yet to be drafted let alone show up to a mini camp for perennial punching bag Jacksonville.
  15. If he meant Hopkins then he didn’t get the first OR last name right. But I think it’s more likely he meant Desean Jackson. Hopkins could not be described as ‘just a speed WR whereas Jackson probably could.
  16. 1. Cut Doyle and restructure Kelly to lower his cap this year. I’m not a cap guy but I would imagine there’s a way to give some more guaranteed money in exchange for some cap relief in ‘21. 2. Re-sign TY, MAC, Carrie, AQM, and Pascal. As much as I liked Rhodes last year he scares the hell out of me if we sign him for anything more than one year. I worry if he gets paid again he reverts back to 18/19 Rhodes. Plus the position is more volatile than others and he’s on the wrong side of 30. 3. Sign Carl Lawson, Ahkello Witherspoon, Hunter Henry, and Curtis Samuel. Henry and Cars
  17. Have a bad OLine? Just take the fourth longest time to throw in the league after trademarking a corny catchphrase and then throw everyone else under the bus when it doesn’t work out.
  18. His point about there not being a middle when it comes to QB play leads me to believe JB is less ‘in the mix’ for being a starter than he’s saying. JB’s market has surely gone down from the $21M he made this year but he is the textbook definition of ‘middling’, and honestly I’d prefer to swing for the fences rather than drawing a walk with the QB position. Totally cool with him coming back in a backup role if the pay is closer to a Mariota/Dalton level salary. Also please don’t trade for Wentz for the love of God.
  19. Both Bama receivers have a Marvin level of potential but we have no chance of getting either, especially after we use our first for Stafford. I don’t think we have to draft one high either. Robinson or Golladay has to be a target in free agency in my opinion.
  20. He’s not been overly impressive after his injury that caused him to miss 2018. He had potential but hasn’t lived up to it, even in the Rivers’ offense that loved to target the TE. It would be a big meh for me and I hope we wouldn’t get into a bidding war to get him. Much rather get into one for Kenny Golladay since Stanford likes him so much.
  21. Anyone think there’s a chance he leaves San Fran? They’ve got a lot of decisions to make and can’t franchise tag him, as well as a very limited amount of cap space. We could certainly outbid them. Imagine a left side of him and Big Q with Jonathan Taylor running behind them. We would easily have the best line in the game.
  22. TY - 2Y/22M - he can still play but he’s not Tyreek Hill taking the top of defenses anymore, and with his disappearing act at the beginning of the year I’m afraid to sign him any longer or with too much guaranteed. Partly for sentimental reasons I want him to stay, but I do think he’s still got some juice. Mack - 1Y/1M - Likable player but due to his position and injury, no way can I justify giving him much more than vet minimum. Houston - 1Y/8M - Fell off a lot this year compared to his first year. Still our best edge player, basically by default and I’d be hoping we can g
  23. I get not wanting to slow the game down too much and have coaches challenging penalties/non penalties all game, but the NFL is too big to not have some system in place to ensure the human element is mitigated from changing the results of games. By all rights this game was ours and the refs cost us. Sure, everyone can point to a bad second half game plan and Colts errors, but nothing killed us more than the abomination of one sided reffing. The Kenny Moore PI was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen, and I watched the Saints/Rams playoff game a couple years ago. I would l
  24. My God I know it’s only a couple of people but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such dire pessimism over a 10-4 team losing it’s right tackle for a game against a team who’s lost three straight, one of which was against a bottom three team in the game without its franchise QB.
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