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  1. I would rather play the NFC East than I would the NFC West and NFC South. I rate the NFC Nordic division about equal to the East.
  2. The Packers are perfect to win a cold weather Super Bowl, so your pattern may continue.
  3. Banks is a senior. He has playing so long that he had a pick six against Tim Tebow. Think about how many great SEC teams there have been in the last 4 years and Banks has faced them. For him to win the Jim Thorpe Award while playing against the BEST competition in the country says a lot about him. So, Trust me, BAnks will transition to the NFL with even less problems.
  4. Eli, Big Ben and Flacco have won Super Bowls and they are considered on a level beneath Manning and Brady. I think Luck will be as good or better than those 3, so it all depends on Grigson to give us the horses. Is Grigson gonna be on a level with Ozzie Newsome, Jerry Reese and Kevin Colbert? If he is, then I think we win at least 2 Super Bowls. If not, then we might get lucky and get 1.
  5. Mississippi State’s Johnthan Banks makes most of opportunity, wins Thorpe Award This is the headline from the Washington Post. Just think, he has played against college football's National Champion every year he played football. Florida, Alabama and Auburn. He is like Ballard, who also went to Miss State, in that he is battle tested. He is listed at some sites as 6'1" and some as 6'2". I'm sure Rhodes is good, but I doubt he is as ready for the pros as Banks is.
  6. Banks is a big, physical CB who was the leader for Miss Stat'e defense. (my alma mater). He had to cover all of those big time SEC receivers so the NFL won't be a big surprise to him.
  7. That's what I've been saying about him. People who compare him to Dontari Poe are way off base. Poe has never been productive a day in his life...except at the combine. Ansah was having a bad week at the Senior Bowl and Mike Mayock was doubting him. Game time comes and he outplays EVERYBODY on the field. Mayock raves about him now and you see he is being mocked in the top 10-15 whereas he was being mocked near our pick.
  8. These days, it may be more important to have a safety (free safety) who can get interceptions than to have a strong safety who can hit hard. They are both nice, but that's what I'd prefer. Think of Ed Reed and Earl Thomas.
  9. I have lived in Mississippi my whole life, but I now work in Memphis, TN. Back in the Unitas days, our small town's dept store had 1 football uniform left and it was Johnny Unitas Baltimore Colts one...full replica uniform with pads, pants, jersey and helmet. My father bought it for me for Christmas and I became an instant fan. I would cry (I was a kid) when they lost and I would go outside and kick the football for hours if we won. When they moved to Indy, I followed them because they were still the Colts and had that beautiful helmet and uni that I loved. I also liked the Larry Csonka Dolphins and the Montanna/Rice 49ers, but never more than the Colts.
  10. It took Mike Tyson years to spend that kind of money and he was buying Siberian tigers. I don't think there are enough available really good offensive linemen to do what we need to do in one year. Even with the money, I think it still takes a few years to get the line just right.
  11. I heard that only MJD gets to wear the new one and everybody else the old one.
  12. Let's put a full page ad in USA Today saying we are going to win the Super Bowl next year, then mention how much money we have to spend and invite all FA's who are interested in winning to apply.
  13. You have it backwards. Banks and Rhodes may fall because they are 1st rounders, but Okafor and Trufant are 2nd rounders.
  14. Flacco set the playoff record for taking care of the ball. 11 TD's and zero interceptions, right? He may not be considered elite, but he took care of the ball better than any elite QB has ever done in the playoffs. I'll take that every year, my friends.
  15. If we are picking DB in the 1st, I'm willing to bet either Rhodes or Banks will still be there when we pick and I would rather have one of them. But, I don't hate the draft.
  16. Flacco to Jones. Where have we seen that before?
  17. Ravens offensive line has been the best in the playoffs.
  18. Kind of surprised by all the love for Whalen .. fleener is the one who should blow up next year and I fully expect him to. Reggie, Hilton, Fleener, Allen and Ballard should all get touches leaving few for anyone else.
  19. First year, Luck plays an unfamiliar system and Griffin plays a familiar system. Next year, Luck plays a familiar system and Griffin should play an unfamiliar system (pocket). Then we will see why Luck was chosen first.
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