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  1. Cheating is such an ingrained behavior with the Pats that they did it against a team who was tanking.
  2. Alie-Cox on offense and Turay on defense.
  3. I don’t think the defense will be worse but I’d be lying if I said coverage isn’t a huge concern. We are banking a LOT on Rock improving and becoming a shutdown corner, Rhodes rolling back the clock three years, Moore staying healthy, and Willis holding down the other safety spot where he was serviceable against the run but bad against the pass. We are a couple injuries away from starting Lafayette Pitts and Rolan Milligan, and we know there will be injuries. I did not like the way QBs were carving up the secondary late in the year, although I think a more competent offense will help immensely. Even Famous Jameis carved us up and he was practically blind.
  4. Blue is a Hall of Famer and and he generates most of his power from his belly. If he bulked up I fear it would hinder his flexibility and we wouldn’t get to see him smacking down little kids in the peewee league.
  5. Packers and Vikings are home games so at least the two harder opponents are a little easier. I kinda think GB is overrated and didn’t belong in the NFC title game. They also did nothing to improve this year. I would be okay playing them opening weekend and it would be cool to open on Monday night.
  6. I’m very hyped for him. For him to play well enough to make the PFF all rookie team after the utter beating he took against Denver, it shows some seriously impressive mettle in a young guy. He has the necessary physical traits, the mental makeup, and worked his way from a D3 school to a high draft pick. I feel confident that he will be a lockdown, number one corner. Rock Island will be a stud.
  7. Who was the last relevant receiver to wear 86 in the last decade, Hines Ward? I hope Pittman keeps it, too many receivers hoarding all the teen numbers.
  8. Not at all. Cain had Roy Hall levels of hype, Patmon is more like Blair White. Patmon could very well be a steal, but he will not generate much buzz unless he shows out big time in the preseason. I believe he’s destined for the practice squad year one. I think Fountain and Johnson both make the initial roster if everyone is healthy (not likely).
  9. Had no idea Rosen had that canon on him. I’m not sure I’ve ever watched him throw a pass but my perception of him was having a weak arm.
  10. Arguably our four weakest positions; QB, DT, WR, and K, have all been addressed considerably. No spot has gotten worse although we’ve lost a little depth, but other role players will emerge. If some things go our way we’re definitely contenders imo.
  11. The Packers were in the NFC championship game where they got schooled by the Niners. They did absolutely nothing to get better now and overdrafted two players to ride the pine. For a team that should be going all in they crapped the bed. I would not be happy if I were a Packers fan.
  12. I think Mack will get hurt and miss a couple games again this year. I’d combine the totals of Williams and Wilkins and add another 2 or 3 carries per game. My prediction is definitely over 9000.
  13. We’d probably almost have to give up a pick just to move him for cap relief. There is zero market for him now. If the Pats won’t even take a late round QB flyer and are taking kickers then they aren’t gonna trade for our overpaid backup. I can’t really think of any team with a more bleak QB situation. If Cam can’t even find a team yet without needing to be traded then Brisket is gonna have negative value.
  14. Kenny Moore is an such a great Colt
  15. Honestly I think the ‘Rivers will be a great mentor’ idea is overblown. Rivers is here to start, not teach some rookie how to have work ethic. It will be Reich, Sirianni, and Marcus Brady’s job to mold him into our future starting QB. Eason can certainly learn from Rivers and I hope he soaks up everything he can but I’m not going to count Rivers to ‘hold him accountable’, that fire will be reserved for his linemen and receivers.
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