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  1. The Peytonator

    I think we have what it takes to get into the playoffs

    I never thought I’d say this, but ‘Let’s go Pats!’
  2. The Peytonator

    I think we have what it takes to get into the playoffs

    One thing people are overlooking; with the Steelers losing today, provided that we win out, the Steelers or Ravens only need to lose one of their three games left. It would put us a half game over the Steelers or a full game over the Ravens. Steelers have the Pats next week and the Saints the following week and they just lost to the Raiders. Ravens have the Chargers in a couple weeks. If we win out we definitely have a great shot.
  3. The Peytonator

    Joe Haeg is Activated

    Jumbo set time! Just wait for Reich to roll him out as an H Back. We’ll finally get to see the double reverse H Back pass from Haeg to Glowinski that we’ve all been waiting for.
  4. The Peytonator


    That's what happens when people argue about apples/Doyles and oranges/Ebrons.
  5. The Peytonator

    Jalen Ramsey Suddenly Might not play VRS Colts.

    Well that sucks. Who else can we count on to bust coverages so we can see more deep balls? I’d rather them sit Bouye again and keep Ramsey’s cocky self in there.
  6. The Peytonator

    The #32

    Jalen Collins will reverse that trend.
  7. The Peytonator

    The Man, The Myth, The Machine, The Monster

    When you get a chance you better be uploading that! As funny a nickname as Earl Grey is, naming our monster of a guard after a Lovecraftian god is much more apt than a tea. Well done.
  8. The Peytonator

    I take full credit for the colts recent success

    When we all do the little things we’re unstoppable. I haven’t washed my Luck jersey or shaven during the win streak. You’re welcome Colts nation.
  9. The Peytonator

    Notes On #12

    Yeah Brees definitely deserves MVP this year. Let him get his award and we can get our revenge on the Saints by beating them in the Super Bowl and send Brees to his retirement. Win/win for everybody.
  10. The Peytonator

    The final 6 games

    What’s with the pessimism after we just blew out a team that blew out the Pats last week? I want Bama!
  11. The Peytonator

    Dear Darius Leonard:

    Dude shouldn’t be Defensive Rookie of the Year He should be Defensive Player of the Year!
  12. The Peytonator

    Big Q Scouting Breakdown

    He cited the return of Castonzo but I tend to agree with him about guards being more important than tackles in today's NFL. Keep in mind, Castonzo's return coincided with Glowinski and Smith being inserted into the starting lineup and when the offense really started to take off. The unit as a whole has been tremendous the last few games. It's unreal as Colts fans seeing our Oline being rated so highly by PFF, having a video made about it by Brett Kollmann, and hearing the national media hype it up so much.
  13. The Peytonator

    Reaction to TNF and how we view the win over the Raiders

    Short week, road game, after just getting their will broken, against a QB who nobody has ever was a recipe for getting a beat down. I don’t think our win over the Raiders was THAT impressive anyway but this doesn’t take anything away from our team. The thing about this year’s Colts is that I don’t count them out against anybody. They’ll play up or down to their opponents ability it seems. We’re a really young team and I love the direction Ballard and Reich are taking us.
  14. The Peytonator

    Darius Leonard Rookie of the Week again

    Statistically he’s gotta be in the lead spot for DROY. I hope he can grab a couple interceptions to further make that case.
  15. The Peytonator

    A Secret about our 4-3 Defense....

    It’s no surprise that base defense is trending out of the NFL now, and you’re right, we’re a 4-3 in name only. As to the 4-1-6 defense we’re using most often now, most teams are employing a Big Dime package where they play their box safety as a LB and bring in an extra safety on the back end. Nickel backs are basically starters now.