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  1. The Peytonator

    Colts Training Camp 8/14/2018

    I love that Wayne and Mathis have taken on coaching roles with the team. Horseshoe guys for life.....except for that half a training camp Reggie spent with the evil empire that we don’t like to talk about.
  2. The Peytonator

    Clayton Geathers may play vs Ravens

    Mike Hart’s best skill was hoodwinking Michigan fans into becoming Colts fans for a year.
  3. The Peytonator

    Colts Training Camp 8/13/2018

    Trust the mustache
  4. Guessing you meant Darnold and not Rosen, but I agree. Other than Allen that is. Mayfield might just drag the Browns into relevance, I only wish Joe Thomas would have stuck around to be a part of it. There will be QBs to fill the void, but hopefully it’s Luck that is the dominant face and not Mayfield or Carr.
  5. The good thing about our rebuild is that it will coincide with Brady, Big Ben, and Rivers retiring. This will open up the AFC so much. If Ballard rights the ship like we all hope, we should be contenders in a couple years.
  6. The Peytonator

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    One of those things that I like the idea of but not the practicality. Great talent but statistically, Pittsburgh has averaged more points per game without him than with him since he’s been on the team. He’s got a ton of miles on him and will want to be the highest paid ever at a position that is becoming less relevant every year.
  7. Is it just me or is the offensive line play across the league getting worse, especially at the LT position? Now that Joe Thomas, the elder statesmen of left tackles is retired, it just dropped off even more. I can really only think of about ten that you’d even be okay with as a starter. People dog on Castonzo, but we’re lucky to have him.
  8. The Peytonator

    Jags 2, Colts 32?

    I always love it when fans get angry at preseason powers rankings. I don’t think we’ll be last, but somebody has to be, and whoever that team is, if the pundits ranked them as such in the preseason, it would get the same reaction. I really just don’t care, the games still have to be played.
  9. The Peytonator

    Colts Training Camp 8/6/2018

    Fifteen players on a ninety man roster, one of which was taking a personal day, another which was getting a vet rest day, and half of which probably won’t make the team, is not alarming in the slightest sense. Now that the strenuous, whip-yourself-into-shape portion of camp is winding down, I expect them to be cautious with injured players. If someone tweaks something, let him get a day off. This doesn’t mean a number of these guys would have to sit if it were game day.
  10. The Peytonator

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    Pagano forcing Quincy to earn it will make him all that much better of a player. I really like the dude’s game and was one of my favorites pre draft, but he’s also young and needed to learn what it means to be a pro. Like others have said, the depth chart is written weird, and Q has been the starter throughout camp.
  11. Yeah I’m really hoping for a DT in the first round next year. It’s strong on the dline. I’m a little pessimistic with this year’s dline for us but we’ll see how it goes.
  12. It came out yesterday that Aaron Donald is looking for elite QB money. The Rams have supposedly offered the highest contract for a defensive player ever, and he’s turning it down. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a generational talent, but he is not worth that kind of money. So not only would we have to trade multiple first round picks, we’d also have to break the bank to keep him otherwise risk these lengthy holdouts that he’s done two years straight. I wouldn’t want the headache that he or Bell are causing their respective teams.
  13. The Peytonator

    Ballard will be on Dakich today

    Maybe Ballard should have taken a page from the Ryan Grigson playbook and written a note to self, ‘Protect 12’. Yeah I’m still bitter at Grigson.
  14. The Peytonator

    Malik Hooker & Clayton Geathers have been CLEARED!

    Lightning and the Thunder, man I’m pumped. Gotta give Luck a little bit of a challenge.
  15. The Peytonator

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    Jack Mewhort’s so soft, playing the most physical sport there is, at the most physical position, at the highest level. What a wimp. What’s he think he’s gonna need knees for anyway, standing and walking? I bet I could take him. Typed from my iPad in my sit-down office job