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  1. Now now, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t have drafted CMC in the top ten either, and you would be extremely right to not do so. Although I would disagree if you put CMC over Barkley, but it’s very close. Barkley is the better runner and the reason he doesn’t have the same receiving impact is only because the Giants didn’t live and die entirely by their RB coming out of the backfield. I’m pretty sure CMC was their first, second, and third read on every pass in their game against us.
  2. Stitches is 100% right. Mack is a good back but backs are so replaceable now that it’s a joke to overpay for one. ‘Taking care of your own’ doesn’t mean ‘spending frivolously at the expense of your team’. When guys like Raheem Mostert, Aaron Jones, and Phillip Lindsay can come in and be bell cows on rookie deals, it practically makes the position obsolete. Wilkins and Williams each would have had the same production as Mack and it’s not like Mack has lit it up in the passing game anyway, the one area that makes all the difference in RB play.
  3. It didn’t end like we hoped but it was still entertaining. We were still playing for the division with three weeks left and beat the Super Bowl champs in their own house. Considering our franchise quarterback retired two weeks before the season I’d hardly consider that a horrible season.
  4. Well we’ve definitely got some incredibly smart and trustworthy football guys at the helm right now, plus an owner who lives, eats, and breathes Colts. Whoever they decide is the guy, I don’t think they’ll struggle to give him a convincing pitch to rock the ‘shoe. I don’t particularly want to get into the whole back and forth among us fans over who is and isn’t he right guy to lead this team in the next era, but I am not sold on a single one. I know there’s an answer out there but I really would not be disappointed if we go this offseason without drafting one of the early ones. My best idea that I’ve seen pitched is a trade for Stafford but that entirely depends on their asking price. The rookies, except Burrow, leave a LOT to be desired and I just have no confidence in their flaws being coached out and all we’ll do is waste the next five years until we decide it’s time to go back to the drawing board. Just my opinion and we can all argue about it for the entire offseason and then some but nobody really knows how it’ll play out until it does, and I have better things to do than going back and forth reiterating my same opinion for the next three years.
  5. Conklin’s really only had two decent years, both bookending his time in Nashville. He’s going to be an example of a guy getting paid way too much after a contract year breakout. I’m assuming he sets the new bar on RTs salary this offseason, not getting paid as much as Solder did a couple years ago, but at least matching him as a free agency bust. Plus he’s only played RT in his NFL career so I certainly wouldn’t look at him as Castonzo’s replacement.
  6. Player A Yards per pass attempt: 8.4 Completion percentage: 69.1 QB rating: 102.0 Average time to throw: 2.65 seconds Player B Yards per pass attempt: 6.6 Completion percentage: 60.8 QB rating: 88.0 Average time to throw: 2.93 seconds OP They’re the same player
  7. That’s essentially what I’m saying. Alignment is less important than assignment. Wade has always had a one gap 3-4. I don’t think we’d need as much overhaul on the front seven as you’re thinking but the back end might need a little with Wade’s man coverage tendencies. I would prefer him over Eberflus but the chances of it happening are non existent.
  8. Not that there’s even a chance of it happening, but the 4-3/3-4 debate is so dated in this era. Aaron Donald was scientifically engineered in a lab to play UT in a 4-3 and he’s playing in Wade’s 3-4. Base defensive alignment doesn’t matter, and it matters even less since you’re playing nickel at least 60% of the time. What you ask your linemen to do matters far more, and Wade has always had an attacking line, rather than read and react. Same philosophy as Eberflus.
  9. Big league thread @EastStreet. QB is obviously the biggest need on this team and I would prefer going the young and malleable route in the draft. I’m all for betting the farm and moving up for the guy but we’ll see how it plays out. Interior Dline is the next weakest spot but I see a number of guys approaching free agency that I would love to target and I’m sure a couple have to be available in March. These are the two most important positions on the team and fixing them is easier said than done, but it is something that they’ve got to get to work on this offseason or we’re going to squander the genius of Frank Reich on Jacoby Brissett.
  10. Always with the either/or proposition for fans. It is possible to have a dominant defense and a highly paid/elite QB.
  11. Long post warning This dude is a certifiable stud and his career will be utterly wasted in Cincinnati. I would go all in on trading up for the first overall pick to land this guy. Our team almost made the playoffs with a bottom tier QB and an old kicker that lost a couple games on his own. Frank Reich is a damn good coach and carried this team admirably with what he had. Ballard has made a lot of great moves and while I don’t always agree with his moves, his vision and philosophy is exactly what you want from your GM. This team has the roster and leadership in place to really build something special. Our offensive line is top 3, and our defense has some strong playmakers that will only get better. Definitely need some improvement on that side and I’d like another receiver but that can all be addressed in the offseason. What we really need, and I am not in any way opposed to spending the draft capital necessary to do so, is a true franchise quarterback. Sure we could wait around and draft Herbert, Love, or Tua if he falls, but none of those guys give me the confidence in being year in and year out studs. I want Joe Burrow. This man hits every throw, has the balls to drop bombs, the mobility to extend plays when pass protection breaks down, and would fit perfectly in Reich’s quick release offense. We have the line to keep him protected, we have a solid stable of backs and receivers. I don’t care what anyone says, our receivers are good, they just don’t have a QB that can see them, hit them when they’re open, or hit them with any reliable accuracy. Luck made Ebron a pro bowler and Brissett got him three touchdowns. Quarterback is so far and away the most important position on the team, and being in QB purgatory, which is where we are with Brissett, is being doomed to utter mediocrity. Now for the logistics of making it happen. Right now we’re slated for drafting at 16 in the first, 47 in the second, and 78 in the third. We also have the Skins second rounder at pick 34 to help out. According to my calculations, using calculatorsoup.com, if we trade our 16, 34, and 78 this year, as well as our next two first rounders for 2021 and ‘22 (valuing them as 28th overall which I think is fair and probably stiffing us a little), we could hypothetically get that number one overall. They would actually get more value in that trade. We’d still get our second for this year and all the other picks other than the third, and there’s never any guarantee that we’ll get our money’s worth on the two future first rounders. We we have a ton of cap room and there’s some pretty decent players slated to hit free agency that we could use to fortify he roster around Burrow. A strong Dline presence is a necessity and there’s a few solid ones that could become available; Chris Jones, Arik Armstead, DJ Reader, Jadeveon Clowney, Javon Hargrave, Shelby Harris, Quinton Jefferson, Leonard Williams (potential based as long as he doesn’t demand a bunch of money), Michael Pierce, Jarran Reed, Yannick Ngakoue, Emmanuel Ogbah, Matthew Judon, Andrew Billings, and David Onyemata are all guys that I would be all about signing this offseason to reinforce the Dline. Obviously most will be resigned, but at least a few will hit free agency and we should pursue the best value ones. I want to keep Houston, Autry, and Stewart but getting rid of Hunt seems prudent. He was good in ‘18 but very ineffective this year and would take no dead cap to be rid of him while saving $4 million. I would also like to see Desir cut. It’ll save $6.5 million and produce no dead cap. Some corners I’d like to see targeted would be Chris Harris Jr, Byron Jones, Daryl Worley, James Bradberry, or Eli Apple. I think we’re good at LB but if Corey Littleton became available and wasn’t expensive I’d go for it. I love me some coverage backers. I’m also happy with safety but if Justin Simmons became available and didn’t break the bank I’d explore that option. On offense i would like to see some competition for Glowinski and would love to see Joe Thuney or Graham Glasgow come in and unseat him. At WR there aren’t a lot of free agents that I’m interested in but Tajae Sharpe intrigues me and I don’t think he’d be too costly. I’d like another TE to compliment Jack but not many stick out, only one is Hunter Henry. His Sirianni connection could be helpful to us and hopefully he wouldn’t command too much money as he’s been hurt a bunch the last two years. Still been great when he plays but it would be hard to justify paying a guy so injury prone. Another option could be Austin Hooper or possibly Luke Willson if we want to add a cheap but solid body. While I like our backs, I’d still like to see us pick up a bruiser back and I think Gus Edwards would be perfect for that role. Also would not mind bringing in a good leader blocker so we can run a lot of different personnel packages and bring in Anthony Sherman, it’s not like fullbacks are expensive anyway. Also I assume we would not keep Hoyer or Wilson so that’s be another $4 million we could save. By my calculations, with those releases we’d have around $115 million in cap space. I know Ballard isn’t a huge spender, but I think it’s because the free agents are always looking for something that we aren’t offering. Hypothetically lets say we sign, Arik Armstead (17M/Year) Javon Hargrave (9M) Chris Harris (10M) Justin Simmons (12M) Graham Glasgow (9M) Tashae Sharpe (9M) Hunter Henry (9M) Gus Edwards (4M) Anthony Sherman (1M) That’s a total of $90 million and leaves us another $25 million to extend Castonzo. He’ll be quite close to the highest paid at his position, Taylor Lewan (16M per), but he’s also older so I don’t think he’ll be quite there. I’m guessing $15M, leaving another 10 for the draft picks and a couple important ERFAs which is a negligible amount. Only ones I want are Pascal, Fountain, Marcus Johnson, Alie-Cox, and McLaughlin for a kicking competition in camp with a rookie or vet. Also if it became too fiscally irresponsible to sign all those guys then I would totally understand. It wouldn’t break my heart to miss out on Sharpe, Henry or Simmons. I just think we could patch up the roster quite a bit this year, and get the future face of the NFL. Anyway sorry for the long read, but Joe Burrow had me fantasizing about the possibility of getting him with the night he had tonight. I know it’d probably be hard to even get the Bengals to give us that pick, but what’s everyone else’s opinion? Would you make that trade and do you think the Bengals would even accept that trade? Maybe he’ll refuse to play for them because of how inept they are and demand a trade like Eli and Elway. TL;DR - Would you trade our next three first rounders, our early second rounder, and our third rounder in exchange for Joe Burrow?
  12. Y’all just jealous. My man made about a million dollars for every route he ran. I’d kill for that job. I definitely feel for him though, not monetarily, but because he definitely came here to win and play with Luck and neither of those things played out.
  13. I’d like to see Kelly get a legit start but not because of the schedule ramifications next year. I don’t see much difference between playing the Broncos versus the Raiders or the Bills versus the Jets. Any of those teams could surprise next year.
  14. Base defense doesn’t matter anymore. Teams are playing nickel defense over 60% of the time at minimum so it’s all moot. That said, yeah I would be all about seeing more man coverage than zone. Historically, the best defenses have been ones that can get physical with WRs at the LoS and stick to their man in coverage. Pass rush matters less than coverage, the Seahawks showed that in 2013 and the Pats and Ravens have shown that this year. You can manufacture pass rush but you can’t manufacture perfect coverage without perfect coverage.
  15. There must be like twelve alternates per conference if Brissett is one. If that doesn’t prove what a joke the pro bowl is then I don’t know what does.
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