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Aren't You Glad That Curtis Painter Knows The Offense?

Blue Horseshoe

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Painter is a real keeper,if he is on a nfl roster next year ,i will be shocked.

Which brings up the point of,Why did the Colt's let Sorgi go?He looks like Joe Montana compared to CP.He looked decent in some of those late season games he got to start.Even beat the Cardinals with the second team once.
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He's got an offensive coordinator that's brain dead. A head coach to scared to question the game plan. And not enough experience to effectively manage/call the game "a la manning"----meaning, do whatever he wants.

We looked like ohio state on offense. 9 passes in the first half? Really? In his first few games he showed he can make the throws, Now the play calling is --- run, run, pass -- run, run, pass -- run, run, run. The only reason Dan completed 7 passes is because we were behind, and forced to pass, and they were playing 10 yards off of every receiver.

Curtis made some bonehead plays for sure (although he was 69% on the throws that he did make), but there's nothing like handcuffing the offense and pretending like we're a running team. Clyde needs to go. Caldwell will be gone. Maybe Curtis will be gone too, but don't make him the scapegoat. The problems are much much deeper than that.

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Curtis isn't a scapegoat, he's inept. 21 passing yards in the first half? 94 yards for the game? Are you kidding me? I was at the game, the passes he connected on were due to his receivers ability to jump and catch, every ball was high. He was not on target at all, not one pass that I saw hit the receiver in the hands, or in stride. Painter is not worthy of a second string QB, he's barely adequate for 3rd string above the punter. Scapegoat? No, he's just that bad.

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He threw high to Jacob Tamme once, on the bubble route. He made about 3 nice passes to Austin that were right where they needed to be.

I'm not saying he was on, but lets take the blinders off for a second and be logical.

I was there too.

Logic says he missed several....Think....

..and he threw a couple into the ground..

.and he held the ball too long.

He lost all confidence.....

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Hmm... well, as unpopular as I am certain this will be in this thread, my personal opinion is that you are all quite wrong about Curtis Painter.

Up until two games ago, Painter was doing reasonably well. In the week 8 game against the Titans I saw something that was interesting and disappointing. That was the week that to me, the rest of the team literally gave up. I don't know about the play calling or game planning, that seems to have been poor for many weeks now, but in that one game Painter was passing pretty well, but coverage and pass-drops were making gaining yards difficult. Painter decided to take it on himself and tried to run the ball is needed. 79 yards of rushing showed his ability to escape and take the ball forward. What did the rest of the team do to assist him? How many TDs sis we get? OK, so we could point out that the officials turned a blind eye to our receivers being mugged on the goal line which probably cost us opportunities as well. But to me the point was that the rest of the team had given up, but Painter hadn't. Now, how did the fans, the team and the coaching staff reward that extra effort? Not very well.

I'm *not* saying Painter is the next Manning, or that he's top 10 material, But let's not tear the guy apart and blame him when there are so many other factors that make it difficult, if not impossible for him to do much different.

Personally, I think that the greatest failings have been game planning/play calling and execution, particularly catching and our defense. If we were able to get the D motivated again, and do a better job with the game plan and play calling, we might win some games - even with Painter.

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OK, call me a cynic but I don't get the whole "Painter looked good his first two weeks" thing.

I wasn't impressed at all and said so repeatedly at the time.

The team managed only 13 first downs against Tampa and 15 against Kansas City.

Basically the whole offense in both games consisted of 5 yard screen passes to Garcon which he carried for 50 yards and a score.

An offense consistting of nothing but a few huge plays is not sustainable and puts too much pressure on the defense.

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