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  1. Um...yeah, well the thing is that contract, that so very unfriendly contract was the contract that Mr Irsay consciously and deliberately put in place. Or have you forgotten his determination that he have the highest paid QB in league history, and Peyton Mannings statements that he would take less to ensure the team had cap space. Irsay got his way and PM got a huge contract. Buyers remorse over the cap space might be appropriate except that the contracts terms were laid down by Jim Irsay himself. So he can hardly claim that the cap hit numbers are a surprise or were not expected, can he? So
  2. Threads about Peyton Manning moving to another team are by ddefinition not about the Colts. Therefore they will be moved. If a thread is purely about Peyton Manning it will be a judgement call, and if it's about his time as a Colt, then obviously it belongs in this forum. As much as I personally value Peyton Manning as a player and a former Colt, the truth is that he is a *former* colt now, and as hard and unpleasant as it may be, we do have to begin moving forward.
  3. How do you break the salary cap in an uncapped year? The league better be really sure if itself, I can't see the owners in DC or Dallas taking that without a reaction.
  4. For that to happen, he'd have to catch his own 30 yard passes.
  5. Ah, so loyalty does factor in somewhere, but only where it's fans forking over their cash for a sub-standard team? Kind of like the way that the Colts strung everyone along about Peyton last year by *not* placing him on IR as they should have?
  6. Hmm... When the Colts bolted out the door from Baltimore, It was the city that got cut in favor of a new one, the team remained. This time round, the city hasn't been cut, just the team. :/
  7. With respect, I can't remember any team going through this fundamental a clear out. I've used the words scorched earth to describe it. They are very apt in my opinion. Since the end of the season, we have lost the entire front office, the entire coaching staff and since Peyton's dismissal we are seeing the 'name' players being dropped one by one. Who will be left? Mathis? This isn't a team losing a few key players. This is a team throwing away *everything* it was.
  8. For a cold hearted team they sure showed Tom Brady the loyalty and respect that Peyton was denied. Brady was down for a year and his back up led the team well. Yet they kicked the backup loose and gave the keys back to Brady - who didn't even have to lift a finger to get them. A pity that the Colts could not have the same respect and loyalty.
  9. Hate? where? People expressing how they feel about things isn't hate. But, if you think that there is hate on display in this thread, you really ought to report it - instead of making sweeping statements about it.
  10. No, I've seen far more occasions where a team took a QB in the draft that was authentically good, only to put the poor guy behind a horrible line. The outcome is always the same, a broken QB with zero confidence. I dislike that idea intensly, and feel that we should be building out from the lines.
  11. You can't pay me enough to wear the name 'Luck' on my shirt.
  12. Um...new Gm, new coach, *the* face of the franchise gone, many other fan favorites gone. One remaining consistent thing - owner. What's that about over controlling owners?
  13. He can't? I'm pretty sure that there is a video of him at Duke in full pads doing exactly that...
  14. The reason I don't think Luck or RGIII shuold be selected has nothing to do with whether or not the fans would support them or not. It has much more to do with the potential value of the pick and how many other gaps we could fill in the roster with the picks we might get in return. Since we appear to be rebuilding in a scorched earth mode we need new faces on the D-line, O-line, receiving, secondary, running game and kicker too. As much as the Colts (and any franchise) need a great QB, we need a team underneath that QB to make it work. Let's say we take Luck and have a pourous O-line. A seaso
  15. Regardless of Peyton, the Colts should still pass on Luck and RGIII. They've gutted the team, if they get a high profile QB to 'replace' Peyton, that QB will forever be the 'rebound' relationship for the fans and the franchise. Not a good way to begin a careeer, or a franchise re-build. They need to rebuild the team on fundamentals, and start with a Qb that can help guide the team well enough to solidify the bedrock of the future franchise, then draft a franchise QB later. But that's not what will happen, and Luck will forever be dogged by the sense of being the rebound from the breakup with P
  16. Calling people cry babies isn;t helping, and it's really quite insulting.
  17. Indeed, and anyone who wants to berate or criticize those who are upset, needs to reexamine themself. The same goes for anyone that wishes to berate those who are upset claiming that they are Peyton fans, not Colts fans. That crap needs to stop. And yeah, for anyone in any doubt, I *am* still very upset.
  18. Our disappointment is inconvenient and so it is not shown. I believe it is called shaping the discussion.
  19. No, I don't believe it is. It's healthy for our fanbase to understand who they support and why. What is hurtful to our fanbase is the point of view that says that someone who is a fan of Peyton Maning the player is somehow automatically not a real Colts fan. This debate or discussion about whether someone is or is not a real fan is very divisive and entirely subjective. It's also very likely to inflame passionate debate. I wish that people could accept that decisions such as this generate very strong feelings among a lot of fans, and those fans have every right to come here and post about it.
  20. No one get's banned for expressing how they feel. This whole discussion of Manning fans, Luck Fans, Colts Fans, *real* Colts fans and all the rest is the hieght of stupidity. No one has the right to question anyone's support or 'fan-hood' for a team or player. So just stop it, everyone. As for the colts not being how I thought they were, the clearly (in my mind) are not. It's not an excuse, it's an opinion.If I wanted to cease being a fan of the Colts there are certainly easier options available. But again, in your statements about excuses you're again suggesting that people who express a part
  21. Oh, ouch, I've been called niave. I feel so destroyed.
  22. You can not get that all you like because I didn't say that. I said that the colts franchise has acted in ways I did not think that they would. Whether Peyton Manning is QB or not the Colts are the Colts. But, the colts I have seen since the end of the season are not the Colts I grew to love. I don't get the same sense or feeling from the organization. To me the Colts were the good guys of the NFL, the white hat wearing good guys, that do things the right way, every time regardless of the cost. I don't believe that the Colts are that franchise right now.
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